SYRIZA’s PG decides opening to society and expansion of the party’s ballot

SYRIZA’s PG decides opening to society and expansion of the party’s ballot


By Spiros Sideris – Athens

SYRIZA president Alexis Tsipras has sent a clear and unambiguous message on the issue of political party alliances, in view of the “hot” next four months in which SYRIZA estimates  there is a strong possibility of early elections being declared.

“We will examine everything collectively and on time, as we did for the recommendations in Thessaloniki when we reached a unanimous decision”, said Tsipras in the closure of the meeting of the Central Committee, in response to objections from the side of the “Left Platform” that “the ballots might be converted to ‘flags of opportunity'”.

The president of SYRIZA, addressing the members of the Central Committee of the party, defined the political criteria for the desired political alliances, along which the main opposition party must move to extend its electoral influence.

The main axes of political alliances for SYRIZA, as were described by its president, should be along the following key points: Realism with liberation from the trap of the supposed ideological purity, opening of the party to society, and its broadening with the formation of versatile and attractive ballots.

Tsipras, describing the conditions for the establishment of the ballots, said they should “be open, versatile and appealing to society”.

Responding indirectly to objections, disputes, and fears of the party MPs, such as from the side of the “Left Platform” that “the ballots of the party might be turned into – ‘flags of opportunity'” –  in his statement at the closing of the meeting of the Parliamentary Group he said “that everything will be examined collectively and on their time, as we did for the recommendations in Thessaloniki where we reached a unanimous decision”.

Tsipras, however, in his speech Saturday, made it clear that the aim of the party is “to establish alliances. With social references. On the basis of trust and open political consultation. Without rinsing anyone, but especially without burying our head in the ground. But also without being caught up in the trap of the supposed ideological purity”.

He noted that “this means hegemony. It means the ability to set up a majority current always with our program as the main axis. And along this line we must establish our ballots”, prompting the party to open up to society even more.

The “Left Platform” of Mr. Lafazanis sets strict conditions for the alliances and the establishment of the ballots.

Mr. Lafazanis speaking at the party’s Central Committee said that “the general guidelines for the cooperation does not mean that SYRIZA can be converted into a flag of opportunity” and that the collaborations of the party “should be expressed on the basis of credibility to the people without Memorandum responsibilities, and on the basis of political and redical planning”.

But he added that “SYRIZA, aiming to conquer the parliamentary majority is always positive to collaborations and our unswerving goal should be first the collaboration with the forces of the Left”.

A member of the ‘Left Platform’, speaking on the sidelines of the meeting of the PG, said: “The same people cannot always travel first class on the cruise ship. Persons elected in the ballot of Venizelos and the Memorandum coalition of DIMAR”.