SYRIZA Youth differentiates its stance from Tsipras

SYRIZA Youth differentiates its stance from Tsipras

Athens, August 14, 2015/ Independent Balkan News Agency

By Spiros Sideris

Particularly sharp is the announcement of the SYRIZA Youth, which stands at the side of the Left Platform of Panagiotis Lafazanis and attacks the government for the new memorandum, accusing it for a violent turn to neoliberal memorandum strategy, while seeking the exit from Europe and the Eurozone.

In its communiqué it persists and asks once again to convene an extraordinary congress so that “the CC of SYRIZA decides the strategy to be followed”.

The clarification of the position of the party towards the adoption or not of the Memoranda as the government strategy is an existential issue for SYRIZA and SYRIZA Youth, it is stressed.

“The third MoU, which is the fruit of the government’s negotiation with the lenders, is completely contrary to the strategic direction, programmatic commitments and social commitment of SYRIZA and SYRIZA Youth. We are fully aware, that is the result of an unprecedented coup, brought upon us by the lenders, which in turn was the last episode of a series of extreme coercion that led the government in a stifling political impasse.

In any case, the adoption and the aggressive defence of the memorandum, without the prospect of an immediate removal of the impasse in which the government found itself, constitute a violent turn towards neoliberal memorandum strategy that consolidates the logic that the exit from the crisis of capitalism is in the violation of the rights of employees and the youth, for the benefit of the Capital.

In this way, the new MoU is not just one more challenge for the working classes and youth, which are called once again to fight for the basics: the right to work, to housing, to education, to a life with dignity. It also threatens to crush the hope to other peoples of Europe, the hope that an alternative strategy is possible, contrary to this austerity. For these reasons we are against its adoption.

In contrast, we need an internationalist strategy that understands that the EU and the Eurozone function as institutionalised neoliberalism, making impossible any chance of their transformation. Therefore, we champion the release from these structures, as a democratic and popular sovereignty request, but also as a condition for contesting neoliberalism, not only in Greece, but throughout Europe.

Moreover, we insist that we need to immediately convene the extraordinary congress that the CC of Syriza has decided, which as the supreme deciding body, has the complete responsibility for the review of the previous period and the planning of the strategy for the future. The clarification of the stance of the party towards the adoption or not of the Memoranda as the government strategy is an existential issue for SYRIZA and SYRIZA Youth.

Finally, as far as we are concerned, to fight for a fairer world is not a choice of moral justification, but a way to change our lives, to transform our lives and society. On the way we will continue to walk always bearing in mind that history is a field of possibilities to which we constantly strive to make feasible that which now may seem unthinkable”.