SYRIZA Socialist Faction critical of government

SYRIZA Socialist Faction critical of government

The Socialist Faction of SYRIZA attacked the government on Tuesday, expressing concerns about key policies and delays in certain reforms and privatizations agreed between Athens and the country’s international creditors.

The Socialist Faction – led by SYRIZA Member of European Parliament Costas Chrysogonos – is not represented in the SYRIZA Central Committee. However, in a rather unprecedented move, it emerged as one of the staunchest intra-party critics of Alexis Tsipras through its damning announcement this week.

Speaking on Greek radio, Chrysogonos demanded changes to the SYRIZA party charter so as to allow the election of new members to organizational bodies, directly elected by party members and friends. The outspoken SYRIZA MEP has often expressed views that don’t fit the official party line.

Moreover, the faction issued an announcement which pointed out that delays in the Elliniko redevelopment project and other investments are “unacceptable”, blaming ministries and bureaucracy. Furthermore, the government is criticized for its attacks on the judiciary, its handling of education reform and the excessive taxation of Greeks.

Meanwhile, according to reports in the Greek press, Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras is being advised to carry out a cabinet reshuffle imminently.

It is also reported that ahead of the Thessaloniki International Fair, main opposition New Democracy is planning to focus its fierce attack on the government on over-taxation. Therefore, analysts point out that the Greek premier may be inclined to signal the turning of a new page through reshuffling his cabinet./ΙΒΝΑ