SYRIZA Parliamentary Group: Conference in April, “no” to ecumenical government

SYRIZA Parliamentary Group: Conference in April, “no” to ecumenical government

Athens, December 14, 2015/Independent Balkan News Agency

By Spiros Sideris

With the adoption of the draft decision, which incorporated some proposals for amendments, completed the works of the Central Committee of Syriza. According to the decision, the actual conference will take place in April. Meanwhile, they appear negative to a universal government scenario and note: “The necessary consensus must be achieved on the basis of our own political project”.

In particular, it states that the political dialogue with the Greek people, under the forthcoming conference of SYRIZA will give the answer to scenarios built and raised by various ‘centers’ recently, on political alliances and ecumenical government, is mentioned in the draft decision of the PG of SYRIZA , which received the approval of the members.

In a separate chapter, entitled “the political landscape in Greece”, which was included in the Central Committee decision, makes it is clear that these scenarios are falling on deaf ears, “as it is visible in society the dividing line between Left and Right , between the neoliberal authoritarian way and the alternative”.

“The necessary consensus must be achieved on the basis of our own political project”, underlines the CC of SYRIZA and makes it clear that the aim of the party is the rearrangement of social alliances and the development of a strong front of social forces, to defend the public interest, the social and productive reconstruction.

“The solutions can only have social and class sign. In this effort the CC invites executives, members and friends of SYRIZA to take action”, says the decision of the CC.

In the text of the decision is the denunciatory mention to ND, PASOK and The River for making cheap and populist opposition, which does not hide its commitment to the neoliberal chariot and the attempt to service specific interests of the oligarchy.

It is further mentioned that ND, PASOK and The River do not support the negotiation efforts of the government and do not stand against the aspirations of the EU extremist circles that want the country to be the creditors’ debt settlement.

There is also reference to the Centre Union by stating that its electoral base fluids has fluid political characteristics and the need for its electoral survival makes this party unpredictable, while its political positions are a demagogic patchwork.

As for the Communist Party, it is noted that it is unable to understand what is the dominant conflict in society and avoids taking the position it needs to take, and instead collectively attacks SYRIZA in the same front which it contrasts.