SYRIZA MP Giannis Dragasakis unleashes serious accusations

SYRIZA MP Giannis Dragasakis unleashes serious accusations


By Spiros Sideris – Athens

Very serious allegations were made ​from the Parliamentary stand by the rapporteur of SYRIZA Ioannis Dragasakis, in regard to the vote of confidence, who spoke of businessmen who change laws and make fines disappear.

In particular Mr. Dragasakis said: “Today it is enough for a businessman, a big editor, a friend of the Prime Minister to make a phone to cancel a fine or change a law”.

This phrase has caused tension in the government benches, with Region minister Dimitris Stamatis, calling the MP of SYRIZA to give names to the public.

“The vice president of the House said ​​something very serious. A heavy accusation or slander and it’s up to him to prove if it’s the first or the second. Names Mr Dragasakis. We may have our differences, but everyone has an appreciation to each MP. Today you have disappointed us”, replied Mr. Stamatis.

Mr. Dragasakis retorted: “I decide when I will reveal the names. Have a look at the regulations brought by Mr. Baltakos”.

  1. Stamatis took the floor and asked once again to reveal names. “It is a grave insult and slander against the government”.