SYRIZA: Mitsotakis’ visit to the White House was a one-of-a-kind fiasco

SYRIZA: Mitsotakis’ visit to the White House was a one-of-a-kind fiasco

SYRIZA speaks of a meeting that ended up being an “unprecedented fiasco”, commenting on the visit of the Greek Prime Minister to the White House. Upon his return to Athens, he is expected to feel the heat from the main opposition, while focus is now shifted to the briefing of the political leaders on Friday.

“It constitutes not only a diplomatic failure for Mr. Mitsotakis and his government at a pivotal time for our country; at the same time, it also signs a somber chapter for our international relations”, SYRIZA points out.

With the US President turning the standard procedure of joint statements into a one-man show, as he addressed for the first time before the press the execution of Iranian General Suleimani and the expulsion process in Congress, issues of Greek concern, especially the Turkish provocations and the Agreement with Libya, were left behind.

“The image of the Greek Prime Minister watching President Trump give a press briefing for about twenty minutes on his own is not offensive to Mr. Mitsotakis but to the country, which he transforms into a spectator of developments”, SYRIZA notes.

Meanwhile, the main opposition accuses the Greek prime minister of “not finding a single word to say against Turkey, while adopting the most aggressive, provocative and dangerous stance in the last 20 years against Greece and Cyprus” when receiving successive questions on the subject.

Main opposition party officials commented late Tuesday night that Kyriakos Mitsotakis had invested everything before the meeting with President Trump “to end up receiving only disdain”.

They specifically mentioned the bill for upgrading our bilateral defense cooperation to four military installations that had been submitted before receiving US guarantees. “We had warned him not to do that”, they stress.

Criticism, however, also lingered over the statement he made at the Atlantic Council geopolitical analysis forum on the execution of Lieutenant General Suleimani. “This particular decision was taken in the light of American national interests and we support that decision”, said Mitsotakis. “He is the only European leader to have made such a move”, SYRIZA officials emphasize, adding that he was turning Greece into a target and putting the country at risk “for no reason”.

They also point out that the Prime Minister “stated his readiness to purchase the F35s, when it is known that the country is not financially capable of supporting such an aggressive weapon”.

Another point on which the same sources focus is that Mr. Mitsotakis, they believe, “conveyed affirmative signals towards the US demands for the Chinese companies’ investments in 5G networks to be suspended”, while “there was no reason to commit to such a thing, when indeed these constitute investments that are rather beneficial to the Greek economy”.

“It seems we have given up things that we were not handed in before, because we wanted to send a message to the US that we are really seeking to upgrade interests not in advance, but when we achieve an alignment of interests”, SYRIZA chief for foreign affairs G. Katrougalos underlines.

“What was the first thing K. Mitsotakis said when he met D. Trump? That we are predictable, therefore taken for granted. This is not diplomacy. You don’t just give without getting anything in return”, he argued.

Government calls out SYRIZA for pettiness

“At a time when the Prime Minister is fighting to defend national issues, at a critical juncture, seriousness is needed. Instead, what we get is the good old SYRIZA of slogans and irresponsibility indulging in a crescendo of pettiness”, government sources responded, speaking of “banal tactics by the main opposition”. /ibna