SYRIZA leads by 20 points in latest poll

SYRIZA leads by 20 points in latest poll

Athens, March 20, 2015/ Independent Balkan News Agency

By Spiros Sideris

A 20-point gap between SYRIZA and New Democracy (ND), in vote intention, shows a poll conducted by the survey company Marc, on behalf of the television station Alpha.

Specifically, to the question “if elections were held today who would you vote for”, 40.2% of respondents replied SYRIZA and 21% ND.

KKE follows with 4.9%, the Golden Dawn with 4.8%, the Independent Greeks with 4.5%, “The River” by 4.3%, PASOK with 2.5%, the Socialist Democrats Movement with 1.8%, the Centre Union with 1.8%, the “Teleia” with 1% and the Other Party with 3.3%.

Moreover, to a question about the possibility of early elections, 94.2% of respondents answering that they are against such a scenario, while only 4.8% views this possibility in a positive way.

More than 6 in 10 say that Greece should remain in the euro while 1 in 3 agrees with the return to the drachma.

The results of the poll in detail:

Satisfaction with the negotiation of the government:

59.8 satisfied

38.8% dissatisfied.

Should the government come to a compromise?

70.7% to come to a compromise

26.6% come into conflict.

What do the partners seek?

68.6% Compromise

25.7% rupture and departure.

What does the government try to do?

80.3% Compromise

11.5% rupture and withdrawal from the euro

Estimate of negotiation outcome:

81.4% solution

12.4% rupture

Referendum under certain conditions

52.9% for

43.5% against

Stay in the euro with memorandum measures or exit from the euro and return to the drachma?

61.2% stay in euro

32.5% exit from the euro.

Evaluation of Finance Minister Yanis Varoufakis:

63.39% positive

35.5% negative