SYRIZA extends the hand of friendship to KINAL in view of an electoral surprise

SYRIZA extends the hand of friendship to KINAL in view of an electoral surprise

Alexis Tsipras restated that SYRIZA was ready to fight for public support in order to form a government of “progressive and democratic co-operation”. In an interview with the newspaper “Efimerida ton Syntakton” (The Editors’ Newspaper) the president of SYRIZA expressed the opinion that the Mitsotakis administration would be over before the four-year term ended.

“The collapse of his government has already begun and New Democracy officials but also the Prime Minister himself have been flirting with the idea of ​​preventing the change in status quo through early elections”, the main opposition leader stated, predicting that Mr. Mitsotakis would be attempting double elections to “kill” the simple proportional representation system.

The Prime Minister appears to be receiving suggestions to declare early elections. What does this scenario provide? Elections with the simple proportional representation system, that will not guarantee self-confidence for the first party. Consequently, due to the inability to form a government, there will be a by-election in which the reinforced proportional bonus system in the first party, that became state law last week, will apply.

SYRIZA in this case warns the government that “it will fall into its own trap”. After all, Alexis Tsipras, taking the floor in Parliament on the occasion of the debate on electoral law, had argued that elections through the simple proportional representation system, “no matter when they are held” will provide a progressive solution to a governance that does not include K. Mitsotakis.

Replies by the Government and people close to the Prime Minister stressing that the elections would be taking place at the end of the four-year term do not convince Alexis Tsipras and his comrades in SYRIZA. In this context, the political pressing towards the Movement of Change (KINAL) and Fofi Gennimata seems to be intensifying. Moreover, if one does the math, it becomes clear that a government majority cannot be achieved without KINAL’s participation.

For this reason, Al. Tsipras extended the hand of friendship to KINAL without directly referring to the party, when he took the floor in Parliament. He did the same in his interview yesterday. “Progressive forces cannot have privileged relations with the right the same way sheep cannot be friends with the wolf”, he underlined, stressing that the attitude of the progressive forces favoring the right has been rather frustrating for the democratic citizens.

Besides, Al. Tsipras is very much aware that New Democracy too seeks to secure the support of KINAL, which first of all is looking to maintain equal distances between both parties. But lately, the shots fired against the conservative government policy have multiplied, as party executives start debating the possibility of forming a progressive government.

Meanwhile, many leaders in the European Socialist Party (ESP) are favoring a progressive cooperation in Greece, since Al. Tsipras has been involved as an observer in the works of the ESP for three years now.

Indeed, according to information, it is likely that in the near future we will witness the first substantial step of consensus in the Greek Parliament embodied in the submission of a proposal by KINAL for the institutionalization of the 13th pension, with SYRIZA executives favorably voting for it. However, the submission of a proposal by SYRIZA on labor issues in general has also been under discussion.

In any case, it remains to be seen whether fields of progressive convergence will be cultivated in this Parliamentary group, and whether they will pave the way for government cooperation. If one thing is for sure, it is that intra-party discussions and turbulence will occur on both sides. /ibna