SYRIZA Conference: Tsipras takes Critical Stance and passes Powerful Message (Photos)

SYRIZA Conference: Tsipras takes Critical Stance and passes Powerful Message (Photos)

With an opening speech, Greek Prime Minister and President of SYRIZA Alexis Tsipras inaugurated the Second SYRIZA Party Conference late Thursday.

There were 50 parties from about 30 countries, present during Alexis Tsipras’ lengthy speech concerning the activities of the government and the party so far. Tsipras’ critical stance provided a window into the future of SYRIZA and passed on a powerful message to society.

He touched on all the problems faced by the party, the Greek political scene and the international environment, without fear and described the weaknesses, mistakes, and his vision of the future, as well as the left wing party’s vision and the Left in its entirety.

The President of SYRIZA, sent his own messages both to audience abroad and those within Greece.

He sent a clear message to the lenders and to his European socialist group allies, calling for debt relief so that Greece can pass to a period of growth. While he described socialism of the 21st century as the vision and the strategic horizon of SYRIZA, he stated that ”it cannot come any closer to conditions of a total destruction of the working classes. And most importantly, it cannot be a working case in just one single country. ”

He addressed the partisan audience, the public and the opposition. He repeated that SYRIZA is not the same as other parties. He asked delegates to show and prove that they are different; that they have morals and a disposition to selfless giving.

The 2nd SYRIZA Party Conference is completely different from the first, where the movement became a party. Alexis Tsipras, showed that he is the undisputed leader of the Left and of Social – Democracy currently flirting with Europe.

SYRIZA seems to be turning over a new leaf and to be moving forward with a clear orientation for another Europe, a new Greece. In this framework, it’s not totally impossible that a government reshuffle is in order. According to government and party officials speaking to IBNA, a reshuffle might take place on Monday.

The 2nd SYRIZA Party Conference will conclude on Sunday with Tsipras’ re-election and the voting in of new members./ΙΒΝΑ







Photos: IBNA/Spiros Sideris