SYRIZA CC to decide Thursday on an intraparty referendum

SYRIZA CC to decide Thursday on an intraparty referendum

Athens, July 29, 2015/ Independent Balkan News Agency

By Spiros Sideris

The immediate convening of a standing conference examined the side of the majority in SYRIZA, which was a proposal of the Left Platform, at Tuesday’s meeting of the Political Secretariat of the party, which began at 17:30 pm and ended shortly after 20:00.

According to reports, the Central Committee of SYRIZA, which will meet next Thursday, will vote on proposals that will include, inter alia, whether having a referendum among members of SYRIZA – with its question unknown so far – or the convening of the standing Congress of the party.

Although there is no official information from SYRIZA on what will be the question of a referendum addressed to party members, the fact that the proposal was supported by the “presidentials”, leads to the conclusion that, probably, it will refer to the approval – or not of both the government’s and prime minister’s Alexis Tsipras handlings in the negotiation with partners.

Party sources said that the majority of the Political Secretariat insisted on their Monday position for an extraordinary congress, but appeared willing to discuss the proposals of the other side.

According to a ‘non paper’, issued after the completion of the meeting of the Political Secretariat, the Central Commission of SYRIZA will be held Thursday, where they will decide the collective proceedings of the party in the following period.

“In today’s (Tuesday) meeting of the Political Secretariat, the majority of its members insisted on the proposal to coordinate procedures and an Extraordinary Congress in September, while after the request for an immediate decision, the proposals that were submitted referred to a referendum or a standing Congress in the coming days. The final decision will be taken by the CC”, concludes the informal note.

Apparently, in an attempt to get rid of the intraparty introversion, associates of the president of the party and prime minister Alexis Tsipras are reconsidering their stance and may ultimately not insist on having an extraordinary Congress but a standing one indeed, in fact in the first ten days of August, possibly next weekend.

Of course, if the Congress is made permanent, there is no possibility of an extraordinary Congress after the adoption of the agreement by Parliament.

This automatically generates a host of other dilemmas, such as who will take the responsibility of a division, whether or not national elections will be held and, ultimately, whether to put a party leadership issue.

On the side of the majority, they feel that the period of introversion should stop imminently, as they feel that the side of the minority has lifted made confrontation so intense to an extent that is damaging to the government.

The above proposal is considered a scenario that was discussed at the meeting of the Political Secretariat. Until now, it was known that an extraordinary Congress is what the majority wants and a standing one is what the minority wants.

The Left Platform opposes the notion of an intraparty referendum

Contrary to the proposal of the majority to conduct an intraparty referendum appear three members of the Political Secretariat affiliated with the Left Platform of Panagiotis Lafazanis.

According to a joint statement, Antonis Davanelos, Stathis Leoutsakos and Sophie Papadogiannis note that “it is at least strange, a few weeks after the big NO to the referendum, that the party that led the battle of July 5 requesting now from its members to approve the YES of Memorandum 3”.

In the same statement, they are calling on the government to immediately stop the negotiations leading to the MoU and proceed in activating the popular factor in the planning of the alternative to the blackmail of the creditors.

Also, the three members of the Left Platform request an immediate meeting of the standing Congress.

In the meantime, it was announced that Tsipras at noon (12:00) Wednesday will be interviewed on the radio station controlled by the SYRIZA “In the Red”.

Climate of tension and disputes

The debate is focusing on the signing of a new agreement with lenders: The leadership considers it necessary to complete the work started by the agreement of July 12 and to achieve the country’s accession to the ESM, which will ensure financial umbrella for the country for the next three years in exchange for a tough fiscal and structural program.

The dissidents, especially the left, are asking to stop the negotiations with the lenders and not sign the memorandum under discussion, but rather to seek an alternative.

The leading group considers as the best field to solve these disputes is an extraordinary Congress, which can be convened even in August, or at the latest in September, with the participation in procedures also of those members who have joined the party in the meantime – since the previous conference in 2013.

The Left Platform proposes an immediate meeting of the central committee, which will decide on the correctness or otherwise of the options of Maximos Mansion. The leadership counter-proposes a meeting of the central committee only to decide to hold the Congress.

The Left Platform considers that if a Congress is to convene, this should be the “standing” Congress, that is the one that has the composition of 2013.

Regulatory role in the confrontation will play the movement of the “53”, which was in the presidential majority so far, but recently in view of the new memorandum, an important part of it has shifted and has points of convergence with the left wing.

In fact it reacts to taking statutory measures against the dissidents. The movement of the “53” -from which derives the party secretary, Tasos Koronakis – will judge the final outcome of the battle in the Political Secretariat.