Suspicions are raised on the death of the opposition’s activist in the prison of Prizren

Suspicions are raised on the death of the opposition’s activist in the prison of Prizren

The first results of the coroner’s office in Pristina, where there were also foreign experts, show that Astrit Dehari, activist of Self Determination has not died in the prison of Prizren from an overdose of medications, as it was initially suspected, but he has died of suffocation. According to experts, the lack of oxygen and asphyxiation have been identified after the autopsy of his body.

This information was given by the Attorney General, Syle Hoxha, who has been present during the autopsy process.

“We still don’t have the final results, but we believe that the person has died of the lack of oxygen”, said Hoxha.

According to him, investigations have started on this death, but so far, there are no suspects.

Hoxha has rejected a version given on the day Dehari died, according to which, the death was caused by medication.

The legal representative of Astrit Dehari’s family, Tome Gashi said that no medication with psychotropic properties have been found in the body of the deceased.

“The autopsy lasted two and a half hours and we hired experts from Albania and England. All the necessary samples have been taken to find out Astrit’s cause of death and some of these samples will be sent to England”, Gashi said.

MP and founder of Self Determination, Albin Kurti says that their activist has not committed suicide.

“The recent information that we have received indicate that he has suffered a violent death in his cell and this was not a suicide. His death was caused by suffocation with a strong object, a plastic bottle found in Astrit’s throat”, he said.

Activist of Self Determination, Astrit Dehari died on Saturday in circumstances which are still unknown in the detention center of Prizren. He was held in this center after being arrested on suspicion of assaulting with a grenade parliament of Kosovo’s building in July of this year. /