Survey in Kosovo: 160 thousand electors expected to vote differently

Survey in Kosovo: 160 thousand electors expected to vote differently

Pristina, June 5, 2014/Independent Balkan News Agency

By Elton Tota

According to a survey held by Institute for Development Policies (INDEP) and “Universum” College, over 160 thousand voters of Kosovo will vote for another political subject on June 8 elections, as opposed to the last elections.

Based on this survey, the reasons why the citizens will change the party that they will vote for relate to the failure of these political parties in keeping promises and their involvement in corruption affairs.

“17% of respondents are undecided as to whether they will change their vote or not. These data are a clear indicator that the political arena in Kosovo will see a significant change in the strength of political parties, a trend which has also been noticed in the 2013 local government elections”, says the publication.

In the survey, 78.1% of respondents have reported that they will participate in the parliamentary elections of June 8, 2014, while 11.1% say that they haven’t decided yet.

10% of respondents have said that they will not vote. Out of these, the absolute majority said that the reason for not participating in the elections relates to the disappointment that they’ve had from political parties.

“The majority of respondents which have said that they intend to vote, point out the numerous problems with the list of voters in Kosovo, for which there have been constant reports”, says the publication.

One of the most worrying findings of the survey relates to the fact that 90% of respondents do not believe the promises made by political parties for the creation of hundreds of thousands of new jobs.

They believe that political parties will employ party militants or their families.

This survey has covered the entire territory of Kosovo and has been supported by the Friedrich Ebert Stiftung (FES) organization. /ibna/