“Surveillance affair” causes turbulences in the political class of Montenegro, strong suspicions of abuse with power

“Surveillance affair” causes turbulences in the political class of Montenegro, strong suspicions of abuse with power


IBNA Special Report/ Strong debates have sparked in Montenegro over the publication of several audio and visual registrations which suggest that the party in power has used state resources to employ people, with the scope of winning votes in the parliamentary elections of last year. The head of PDS, Djukanovic, the head of Democratic Front, Bojovic and Foreign Minister Lukshic offer their opinion

Podgorica, July 22, 2013

Strong debates in Montenegro after the publication on the media of several conversations registered in the meeting of the governing party, PDS. The material in question is video footage from the meetings of the Democratic Party of Socialists (PDS) which talk about the use of state resources for party purposes.

Registration suggest that resources of the state have been used for the employment of people according to party preferences, with the scope of winning as many votes as possible in the last year’s parliamentary elections.

These video footages are believed to have been made during the meetings of PDS, several weeks before the elections and media in Montenegro have considered this as “Surveillance Affair” (Snimak).

Before interrogating on Monday Prime Minister Djukanovic, the parliamentary enquiry committee has interrogated a number of PDS officials. They have all denied the content of this video footage. PDS officials have not admitted favoring members of this party to be employed with the scope of securing votes in the elections.

PDS under accusation, Djukanovic denies suspicions


PDS led by Milo Djukanovic denies allegations that his party has misused state resources with the scope of achieving a victory in the elections.

On Monday’s hearing of the parliamentary enquiry committee, the leader of PDS, Milo Djukanovic has said that the so called “Surveillance Affair” has been orchestrated by the Serbian Military Informative Service.

Djukanovic declared that during the time as leader of PDS and during the time that he has exerted high state functions, PDS has never misused resources with the scope of winning the elections.

“There have been no misuses whatsoever with the state structures to win the elections. PDS is convinced that the trust of voters is secured through honest political elections, using democratic means to convince the citizens that the offer of PDS is better than that of competitors”, said Mr. Djukanovic.

Djukanovic says that this affair has been orchestrated ahead of presidential elections with the scope of damaging the candidate of PDS.

On the other hand, Mr. Milo Djukanovic denied of having gone to Brussels to give explanations or to ask the resignation of anybody.

“I have never gone to Brussels to explain to anyone. In the meetings that I’ve had with ambassadors, I haven’t talked about the resignation of anybody, but we have talked about the work that the government of Montenegro must do and the results that have been achieved”, said Djukanovic.

Foreign Minister Lukshic: Accusations of DF are absurd

Igor Llukshic

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs of Montenegro, Igor Lukshic considers the accusations launched by the Democratic Front about the so called “Surveillance Affair” as absurd.

“I don’t even want to comment such accusations launched by the Democratic Front”, said on Monday Mr. Lukshic. He doesn’t even comment the fact that DF accuses him directly as the orchestrator of the affair.

“This is insanity which doesn’t deserve any comments”, said Mr. Lukshic.

Democratic Front demands explanations

Vlladislav Bojobic

The Democratic Front which launches most of the accusations against the governing party was present in the meeting of the enquiry committee. Vladislav Bojobic asked the leader of PDS, Milo Djukanovic if he will use the publication of this affair on the media to settle accounts within the party.

Mr. Djukanovic was also asked if he planned to reform the government and if he would relief from duty the head of diplomacy, Igor Llukshic, as no. 1 suspect for the surveillances to have come out with his knowledge.

“I shall ignore this question, because like the enquiry committee stressed out, this committee has not been set up to deal with internal affairs of PDS”, said Mr. Milo Djukanovic.

The debate can continue even during the plenary session


MPs are expected to gather on Thursday in order to deliberate the resolution proposed on the dynamic of the process of integration of Montenegro in the European Union and several other bills which relate to education.

During Wednesday’s session, Prime Minister Milo Djukanovic is expected to answer questions addressed by parliamentary groups. Some of these questions are expected to relate to the alleged surveillance affair within his party.

Parliamentary enquiries about this alleged affair are expected to end at the end of July. /ibna/