Supreme Court: A total of 18 parties and 4 coalitions to take part in Greek election

Supreme Court: A total of 18 parties and 4 coalitions to take part in Greek election

Athens, January 15, 2015/ Independent Balkan News Agency

By Spiros Sideris

With the participation of 18 political parties and four coalitions will be held the greek parliamentary elections on January 25, according to the Division A’ of the Supreme Court, which refused the participation of three parties, an independent combination candidate and three parliamentary candidates.

Specifically, the Supreme Court concluded the proclamation of the parties and coalitions of parties entitled to take part in the snap elections.

In the end, in the parliamentary elections will be involved the following 18 parties:

1) New Democracy (Ant. Samaras)

2) SYRIZA – Radical Left Coalition (Al. Tsipras)

3) PASOK – Panhellenic Socialist Movement (E. Venizelos)

4) People’s Association – Golden Dawn (N. Michaloliakos)

5) KKE – Communist Party of Greece (d. Koutsoubas)

6) Full Stop – Apostle Gletsos (Ap. Gletsos)

7) O.K.D.E. – Organisation of Internationalist Communists of Greece (3-member Committee)

8) Movement of Socialist Democrats (C. Papandreou)

9) Independent Innovative Left, Right Renewal, Renewal PASOK Innovative New Democracy, No to War Party Business Gives Land, gives Debts, save lives, PANAGROTIKOS Greece Labour Movement (PA.E.K.E.) (M. Tzalazidis) .

10) KEAN – National Resistance Movement (Hipp. Savvouras).

11) EEK -Trockists – Workers Revolutionary Party (Sabbetai Matsas)

12) LAOS – People’s Orthodox Rally (C. Karatzaferis)

13) Union of the Centrists (Vas. Leventis)

14) ELKSI- Greek White Movement of Today’s Ideology (El. Daniilidis)

15) EDEM – National Union for Democratic Reform (3-member Steering Committee)

16) “ROMA” – Radical Orthodox Solidarity Front (Agg. Liakopoulos)

17) The River (Stavros Theodorakis)

18) EL.LA.DA – Greek Popular Democratic Liberation (Kon. Papanikolas).

The four coalitions that were allowed to participate are:

1) Anti-capitalist Left Partnership for Subversion (ANT.AR.SY.A.) – Front of the Anticapitalist Revolutionary Left and Radical Ecology and Frontal Left Collusion – MARS (central coordinating committee) and 3-member Committee)

2) Communist Party of Greece (Marxist-Leninist) – ML KKE- Electoral Cooperation (4-member Committee)

3) Greens – Democratic Left (N. Chrysoyelos and Fotis Kouvelis)

4) Independent Greeks National Patriotic Alliance, Agrarian Party of Greece, White, Pyrikafstos Greece, Christian Democratic Party of Greece, Independent Greeks (Panagiotis Kammenos)

The Supreme Court of Greece did not allow the participation in the coming election to the following three parties:

– Liberal Party (Emm. Kalliyianis)

– National Hope (Giorgos Papadopoulos)

– Greek Movement for Direct Democracy (C. Grain),

In addition, the Supreme court banned the participation of the Combination of Independent Candidates “Dignity” (D. Klapakis).

Moreover, they were not eligible to participate in the parliamentary elections on procedural grounds (non-declaration by the Court, etc.) the candidates of: LAOS Chr. Kasimatis, Golden Dawn Nick. Koutsoubas and the Union of Democratic National Reform Ch. Vagianos.