Supreme Court suspends the investigation on the minister of Energy for a 470 million euro affair

Supreme Court suspends the investigation on the minister of Energy for a 470 million euro affair

Tirana, 24 October 2016/Independent Balkan News Agency

In Albania, the Supreme Court has overthrown the request of the High State Audit for what is known as the CEZ scandal, relating to the power distribution company, which for years was owned by the state owned Czech company.

HSA had demanded a fresh inquiry to be opened on the minister of Energy, Damian Gjiknuri and the State’s Attorney, Alma Hicka, regarding the much debated issue.

KLSH demanded the quashing of the Prosecution’s decision, according to which, the case on CEZ against Gjiknuri and Hicka, who were accused of a financial damage of 470 million euros, was suspended.

According to the request that HAS made to the Supreme Court, the prosecution had not made intense inquiries on this issue and it had not assessed all the proof and charges that HSA’s case contained.

On its part, the prosecution said that the investigation had been intensive and that no elements had been found to indict the two people in question.

The so called “CEZ Affair” started with the arrival of the socialists in power, who settled all disputes between the Czech company, CEZ, which had privatized the power distribution system, OSSH, and the Albanian government, disputes which had risen during the time when the DP was in power.

The left wing government negotiated a new deal, considering it as the best possible solution. The opposition accused the government of causing the state a damage amounting to 600 million euros.

After the decision of the Supreme Court, HSA officials didn’t issue any declaration for the media. This ruling puts an end to the possibility for criminal charges to be launched against minister Gjiknuri, who is the only one among PM Rama’s cabinet members who has been accused by a state instituion. /