IBNA Op-Ed/ Suffocation everywhere

IBNA Op-Ed/ Suffocation everywhere

By Jakup Krasniqi

In the past few days our media has spoken, written and even emitted video footage about a phenomenon which relates to the fleeing of people, mainly young people, from Kosovo.

This clearly shows that they see no perspectives in Kosovo, hence their difficult decision to leave Kosovo. This news is very worrying for everyone in Kosovo, but in essence, this news must be worrying for our government people, who seem like they’re not “worrying” too much.

Besides the government people and their “comfort”, there must also be an elementary civil concern, because such destiny may also affect each of us.

What’s happening today, 15 years after the freedom of Kosovo, is more than painful. 15 years ago Kosovo was swarmed by a significant number of people filled with hope and faith for their future.

And what a metamorphosis 15 years later: lost faith, broken hopes! Where did the enthusiasm of these people go? Where did their positive energies for a new life go? Where and why did their faith for a free, sovereign, independent and democratic country go? These people were not divided by the Ottoman and Serb invasion, but they are divided by the greed of the people with power. Life in Kosovo has degraded, starting from our capital, Pristina.

Suffocation everywhere!

During these 15 years we saw these people rule parties, even when they had the chance to uphold democratic values. They ruled in a despotic way, being surrounded by servile people. “I shall make the state with thieves”, said a person once! And the other responded: “I need the unscrupulous to govern like I want to govern”.

Thus, our leaders worked with the ignorant who only knew how to obey orders.  And we have seen this mentality everywhere in the administration. They know how to read and speak what their boss or their subordinate teaches them. They vote what their boss teaches them.

This is where the responsibility of the “elected” representatives of people comes to an end.

Can the perspective of the nation be built with these ignorant people who should have been the pillar of the nation? Never! These people who have never managed the budget of their households don’t know what the national and state interest is.

It’s interesting to see what many personalities from the country and the international community think of my political destiny. They “fear” that I might be politically eliminated.

I don’t want to become like characters of the past who have done everything for power. I would like to ask to these people why don’t they worry about the fate of the nation, but worry about my fate?

Why don’t they worry about the fate of their children who live in a country where a few people make the law? Why are you worried about the fact that I don’t have money to enter these elections and you’re not worried about those who have elections and don’t enquire about their sources? Was this money earned with honesty?

If you, my friends, are truly concerned about my fate, I’d like to tell you that I’ve made up my mind which path to follow and you know this very well! I have learned something from the history of the hero of Drenice, Mehmet Gradica, who 70 years ago used to say:

“One cannot be in a dilemma when he goes to war”. You have the right to choose your path, to take your decision, but you also have the right to denigrate yourself. The rest is in your hands: honor and submission. Perhaps you’re right, because you may have run out of energies. The man can change. It’s a good thing when he makes positive changes and bad when he degrades. I shall start the path that we once started together, but now it’s easier than then. Miracles can happen! I believe in miracles, but I believe like an Englishman once said: “God gives what you’re able to take with your hands!”

* Speaker of the Parliament of the Republic of Kosovo