Sufficient quantities of products and service – no appreciations are observed

Sufficient quantities of products and service – no appreciations are observed

Athens, July 1, 2015/ Independent Balkan News Agency

By Spiros Sideris

“There have been no price increases or overpricing of fuel and food and there are sufficient quantities of products. ” This underlines the general secretariat of Trade and Consumer Protection in a statement, referring to the functioning of the market for Tuesday, while declaring that the price sampling will continue and will be intensified throughout the country.

To this end, the Secretary General of Trade and Consumer Protection Papaderakis contacted all prefects and asked their contribution to expanding the activities of supervisory services in the regions.

The Secretariat, according to AMNA, held extensive price sampling at service stations, supermarkets and street markets throughout the Region of Attica yesterday.

In the rest of Greece, in cooperation with the competent services of the Regions, yesterday were more controls and price sampling and as such there is a clear picture of the situation in the areas: Municipality of Thessaloniki, Central Macedonia, Eastern Macedonia-Thrace, Aitoloakarnania Fokida, Lemnos, Ioannina, Grevena Chania, Santorini.

Furthermore, Papaderakis contacted the institutions and enterprises of food branches and fuel and received all the assurances that there no issue of adequacy and prices are at normal levels. On the issue of supply, the individual and minor problems observed are due to the distribution networks and will be resolved.

Furthermore, the Orgamisation of Fisheries Central Market, as well as the Central Market of Thessaloniki, function properly without supply problems, while prices for fruit and vegetables show a slight decline, as stated by price sampling at the weekly markets.

Generally, there is normalization of demand for fuel and food, following the increased demand of the previous days, with a tendency return to normal demand.

Regarding the use of credit and debit cards, and based on consumer complaints, as is mentioned in the notice of the General Secretariat:

There are problems, mainly in privately owned gas stations that do not have electronic payment systems (web-banking) and are thus forced to accept only cash, as is mentioned in the announcement of the Federation of gas stations owners of Greece.

Limited problems have been reported in supermarkets, which, as stated by the companiescan be attributed to temporary technical failures of the banking systems.

The General Secretariat of Commerce and Consumer Protection notes that transactions with credit and debit cards are accepted, up to the limit laid down in the consumer’s contract with the Bank.

We recommend businesses to unconditionally accept credit and debit cards, and make every effort to solve the problems of business that have no web-banking. “Companies that wish to deposit cash into the bank accounts, in order to make online payments, can contact by phone at the bank with which they work together or alternatively in the central telephone numbers of commercial banks for more information”, it was pointed out.

Citizens and businesses wishing to make remittances to the outside (eg to cover health expenses for making imports to students), should address, through their bank, an application to the Commission Approval Banking. For more information and instructions they can call the stores that cooperate with the central bank figures.

There is adequacy of drugs

Assertive regarding availability of drugs appeared Health Minister Panagiotis Kouroumplis, in his statements to Greek National Television and Radio ERT.

“Right now there are no problem in terms of lack of medicines on the market”, he stressed, adding that drugs is a public good that should be accessible to everyone without discrimination.

“We are doing everything possible so that, despite the climate of days and the pressures that exist, to not experience any lack of drugs on the market”, he said flatly, and called on citizens to rest assured, especially those taking medication.