Submarine strands outside Suda Βay

Submarine strands outside Suda Βay


Review by Christos T. Panagopoulos

Naval Base at Suda Bay in Crete is in full alert status, after the submarine “Proteus” stranded at the islet of Kalami, just a few nautical miles off the Chania Gulf.

According to the New Television of Crete Network (NEATV), the incident occurred at 13:20 on Wednesday, during an exercise for ship evasive actions.

The submarine “Proteus” collided with an ancient submerged moor and at the moment is being tugged back at Suda’s Naval Base, where it will be thoroughly examined by naval experts.

As the same source reported, none of the 30 submarine’s members was injured during the collision and there is absolutely no security issue, as “Proteus” did not sustain damage.

Source: New Television of Crete (