Study in Kosovo: Merkel the most popular, US leading partner

Study in Kosovo: Merkel the most popular, US leading partner

A study by the Pristina Institute for Policy Studies, released on Tuesday, reveals that Kosovo’s citizens see the United States of America, Germany and the UK as the three main partner countries.

With regard to the most favourable world leaders, German Chancellor Angela Merkel was clearly perceived to be the most favourable leader for Kosovars, with 53 per cent hailing her as such, leaving the US President Donald Trump with only 17 per cent in favor of his leadership.

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan was just shy of beating President Trump, with the approval of 15.7 per cent of Kosovars considering him to be the most favorable leader.

87 per cent of Kosovo Serbs prefer Russian President Vladimir Putin as their favourable international leader, but just 4.3 per cent favored Putin overall out of the respondents included in the survey.

Russia was ranked as the worst state in terms of ability to exercise positive foreign relations and contributing to world peace, with Germany being given the highest overall rating for their behavior in relation to other countries.

The report highlights that Kosovo’s citizens continue to view NATO as the most important organization providing security for the country.

“NATO leads convincingly with somewhere around 60 percent while the European Union is second with just under 20 percent. However, in other questions, the European Union has had a positive rating, meaning when we asked the citizens how you evaluate the EU approach towards Kosovo today, the absolute majority assessed it as a positive approach”, it is mentioned in the study.

In regional terms, 82.9 per cent of Kosovars favored Albania as their main economic partner in the Western Balkans, with 9.5 per cent selecting North Macedonia, while Serbia comes third with 3.9 percent.

The Pristina Institute for Policy Studies report also measured the mood of citizens about their expectation in reaching an agreement between Kosovo and Serbia, with few citizens believing such an agreement could be reached in 2020, with the majority hoping that this could be achieved within a period of 3 years./ibna