Strong reactions by the Albanian Defence Ministry on the “Russian influence in the Balkans

Strong reactions by the Albanian Defence Ministry on the “Russian influence in the Balkans

Security in the Balkans and NATO accession has brought to Tirana the Montenegrin Defence Minister, Predrag Boskovic, who has had a closed door meeting with the Albanian minister

Albanian Minister of Defence, Mimi Kodheli has issued a strong reaction on what is being increasingly identified as the Russian influence in the Balkans.

“Whoever wants to interfere and destabilize the situation in the Balkans, will be met with the reaction that they deserve”, Mrs. Kodheli said.

Mrs. Kodheli made these comments following a meeting that she had with her counterpart from Montenegro, Predra Boskovic.

“Albania condemns any interference in the affairs of independent countries, any influence in the decision making process of sovereign people, any objective to destabilize the Balkans and divert our region from the only path, the path of values, the European path.

Our nations have now chosen their journey and there is no coming back from this journey”, she added.

The Montenegrin minister, Boskovic is also concerned about the Russian influence.

“When it comes to the Russian influence, it’s undeniable that Russian security forces have tried to interfere in the elections and Montenegrin institutions are handling this. I’m convinced that the prosecutor of the case will soon sendt the file to the court”.

“What worries us is the region which has always been problematic and which has always suffered instability throughout history. And it’s not the Russians who live in this region, but us and we are not interested on causing conflicts in the region”, said the Montenegrin minister of Defence, Boskovic. He added that “we will do everything to preserve peace and stability in the region, although there are tendencies of ruining this peace and stability in the Balkans”.


Montenegro has made lots of progress in terms of EU integration, but it is not yet a NATO member . Albania was one of the first countries which ratified in Parliament the adherence instruments of the Republic of Montenegro in the Washington Treaty.


Currently, the Balkans is facing serious problems. In Montenegro, a failed coup occurred against Prime Minister Djukoanovic ahead of the elections. In Kosovo, there’s a tense situation with FSK, where authorities are demanding the establishment of the army, while the international community is refusing. Meanwhile, in Albania, the political crisis has blocked institutions. Amid this situation, intense meetings are taking place between state leaders of the region, raising the alert for the pressure, which according to them, Russia is trying to put on the Balkans. /