Strong political debate over the event in Lazarat

Strong political debate over the event in Lazarat

Tirana, 25 June 2015/Independent Balkan News Agency

By Edison Kurani

The heads of majority and opposition in Albania have been involved in a strong debate in relation to the event in Lazarat, where in circumstances which are still unclear, a police officer remained killed and two others remained wounded during a police operation.

The opposition demands transparency for what happened and demands for every repercussion on the civil population to be prevented.

Meanwhile, the government says that the opposition uses a dual language up to a point of blaming police for what happened in Lazarat.

DP: Transparency is lacking

Democratic Party says that it’s closely following the developments in Lazarat, where a clash between police and armed persons, led to the death of a RENEA officer and the injury of two others.

But the opposition says that transparency is lacking. “We demand for police to immediately shed light and offer maximum transparency for what is happening”.

On the other hand, the protection of the residents of Lazarat is another concern for the opposition. “The government should take measures to protect the life and provide safety for the residents and police officers and take all measures to stop the perpetrators of this serious criminal event, by avoiding every repercussion on the civil population”.

Rama: Opposition uses a dual language

After visiting the two wounded officers in the hospital, Rama interpreted DP’s declaration saying that it had a double meaning.

rama ibna (1)

Without offering details on his doubts, Rama launched a number of epithets:

“They must feel really bad, because even now that police is on the battlefield with a group of murderers, they are using a duality in their language and hold police accountable. They are also blaming police in a not such an indirect way. Shame on them!”

Basha: Rama is irresponsible and diabolical

Rama’s declaration was followed by the reaction of the opposition leader, Lulzim Basha. He met the two wounded officers and then issued a declaration for the media, saying that he was surprised by the PM’s reaction.

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“”It’s really sad that  the prime minister of the country, the man who must make this event transparent, found the opportunity to talk about politics and attack opposition here at the hospital”, Mr. Basha said.

The democrat leader said that Rama issued an “irresponsible declaration and a diabolical one, which I despise beyond contempt” and explained: “There is no double meaning in the fact that we have condemned this criminal act of attacking state police officers. There is no double meaning when you ask for the life of police officers to be protected, for the lives of civil population to be protected and there is no double meaning to demand transparency which at the moment is lacking, therefore it’s an irresponsible declaration, a diabolical one and a declaration which conceals dark motives”.

The opposition leader also raised another concern. He said that while talking to the wounded commandos, he learned that they were holding an operation inside of a degraded vehicle, which didn’t meet any conditions for such difficult operations.

Considering this as a cause for concern, Mr. Basha appealed: “A full analysis for the death, the wounding and the dangers that police officers faces must be immediately made with objectivity and without political tones”. /ibna/