“Strong Party” portrays the Kosovar reality with its sarcasm

“Strong Party” portrays the Kosovar reality with its sarcasm

Pristina, May 30, 2014

By Elton Tota/Independent Balkan News Agency

Electoral campaign for the June 8 parliamentary elections in Kosovo is becoming more and more interesting. For the first time, the performance of political parties is not measured by the size of their promises, but by their refinement and electoral promises in Kosovo are changing not as a result of the awareness of political parties, but due to the arrival of a new party which has a rather unusual name, ‘The Strong Party’.

Leader of this party, Visar Arifaj, is portraying the Kosovar reality with his humor and sarcasm. In contrast to other political parties, the political party in question has started its electoral campaign in the “Germi” Park in Pristina, in an exercise with the vice chairmen of the party.

At 6 am, the vice chairwomen and vice chairmen of the Strong Party, led by the party’s leader came out in the park of “Germi” in order to do exercises. Public motivation: In order to be as strong as possible during the electoral campaign which ends on June 8.

According to officials of the Strong Party, this session of exercises follows a number of regular exercises which have started a few months ago, is an activity which confirms the commitment of the party to come into power on June 8.


“The intellectual part, the program, has been mainly prepared by experts. We, politicians who are expected to sit in parliament, were left with very little to do. This is why we thought that it would be better to be in good physical shape in order to best promote the program”, says the leader of the Strong Party, Visar Arifaj.

Presenting its political program called “New Vision”, the Strong Party has unveiled a crucial segment, transparency. And this party offers transparency by taking off all the clothes.

A photograph shows the legendary chairman posing naked, holding in his hand the political program of the party and a grape truss.

Arifaj says that through this image, the Strong Party wants to be as transparent as possible with the citizens.

“We have gathered here in order to unveil the new image of our political program called ‘New Vision’, which aims European integration and economic development. The most crucial element is transparency”, said Arifaj.

Partia e forte 3

He says that the image of the party must change frequently in times of campaign.

“We’re sure that transparency is crucial due to the fact that no matter how advanced the program of a political party can be, we all know that what counts is what is behind the program”.

Therefore, Arifaj has promised that a fully transparent image will be published by the Strong Party once it wins the elections.

Strong Party: We’re modest with our promises, more than LDK

The Strong Party has reduced the number of new jobs that it promises from 186 thousand to 118 thousand. This change was made by the chairman of the party, Arifaj, following the promise made by LDK for the creation of 120 thousand new jobs.

“We’re happy that the modesty of the Strong Party is being followed by other parties in Kosovo. Nonetheless, we want to inform the public opinion that there is no party in Kosovo and the world more modest  than the Strong Party. If LDK has promised 120 thousand new jobs, we promise 2 thousand less”, says Arifaj.

Promises for new jobs made by political parties in Kosovo have been many. PDK and AAK have promised 200 thousand new jobs, Strong Party has promised 118 thousand and LDK 120 thousand.

According to the Agency of the Statistics of Kosovo, the country has 136 thousand unemployed people.

The presence of the Strong Party, which was founded in 2013, brings the tradition of promises to a gridlock.

In fact, what’s happening in Kosovo is similar to what happened in Italy, where Beppe Grillo became a decisive political factor with his party, which constantly mocks other parties and demands the departure of the majority of politicians from the political scene.

A part of the public opinion in Kosovo believes that the Strong Party started like a joke, but this party is offering a charm to the electoral campaign.

Visar Arifaj is 26 years old. He was born in Pristina and he attended the elementary school of his neighborhood, Dardani. He studied Mathematics and IT in high school and graphic design at the Faculty of Arts in the University of Pristina. In 2005, he founded design company “Trembelat” and currently, he’s leader of the Strong Party. /ibna/