Strong confontrational moves coming directly from the “blue” main opposition-camp

Strong confontrational moves coming directly from the “blue” main opposition-camp

By Martha Lekkakou

The New Democracy Party has used rather strong and demeaning language with regards to the prime-minister’s speech at the 82nd TIF, both in the Velidion Conference Center, as well as during the prime-minister’s press conference.

In two consecutive, official party statements, related to the two corresponding public appearances and speeches of Alexis Tsipras in Thessaloniki, the prime-mminister is characterized by the main opposition party as “a funny fellow” trying to play out the role of a serious and responsible Prime Minister.

“Tsipras’ utter audacity and without giving out any answers to major issues to citizens”

Kyriakos Mitsotakis, just a week before visiting the TIF, tried, along with the entire party, to deconstruct the prime-minister’s arguments. The whole set and mood can be described as being a clearly, clear-cut pre-election period, especially if one is to base this assessment to the rather tense statements made both by Piraeus Str. and the prime-minister’s office. The whole campaign to totally deconstruct the political profile of Alexis Tsipras is at the top of the main opposition party’s communication strategy and agenda.

Once again Mr. Tsipras proved with his audacity that his attempt to “put on the costume” and put forward the image of a serious prime minister is rather ludicrous and funny, a statement constantly reiterated by New Democracy. The main opposition party is constantly accusing him of having come and being a long way from the reality experienced by Greek society on a daily basis, without having any plans for the future of the country, and that he has returned to the known crime scene in Thessaloniki, to do what he knows so well”

As to the fact that the prime minister did not make new promises regarding to the general public, besides the commitment to distribute a social dividend in 2017, as well, if this is permitted by the over-achievement of the fiscal goals, New Democracy, understanding that Alexis Tsipras uses its own party rhetoric regarding Economic development and Investment via the private sector is attempting counter-attack.

“There is no real answer to real issues posed and asked by the Greek people”

New Democracy, wants to reiterate some rather important facts, like the fact that Alexis Tsipras and his Government placed an additional burden of 100 billion euros upon the Greek people, adding new & additional taxation, additional cuts on pensions, foreclosures and property confiscations, capital controls, collective redundancies, creating a workforce with a minimum wage salary of 360 euros, the reduction of tax exemptions, the massive government debts to the private sector and to individuals, the reduction in and the abolition of social benefits, the diminishing social security benefits, the total collapse of the public health system, the business deals and the interconnection between government and major business interests, as well as focusing on the Minister of Defences’ telephone discussions with a convicted drug dealer, and finally, about the PanHellenic exams that were going to be abolished and replaced by a totally new system.

In a rather sarcastic and explicit way, one of the party’s deputies based on the 1st Thessaloniki electoral region and Assistant Party Section Leader on Interior Matters, Mr. Kostas Goulekas, made stark comments on the two appearances of Alexis Tsipras at the TIF by stating that the only thing lacking from the prime minister’s speeches was the expressions “Once upon a time” and “they lived happily ever after…”.

Truth and deeds. No lies and ample words

“We are the only ones able to carry out a realistic, bold plan of major changes and reforms. Mr Tsipras Greece is not worthy of the Greeks! Greeks deserve better! “This is what Mr. Lefteris Avgenakis stated, in addition to being one of the party’s Political Committee, who has also taken over the responsibility of planning and organizing New Democracy’s overall presence at this year’s TIF with a ten-day program of events and by announcing and putting forward the party’s main slogan: ” Agreement Accord: Greeks deserve better “./IBNA