Stratoulis: New currency. debt remission and nationalisation of banks

Stratoulis: New currency. debt remission and nationalisation of banks

Athens, August 3, 2015/ Independent Balkan News Agency

By Spiros Sideris

To disengage from the memoranda and focus on the… alternatives asks from the government the former minister and SYRIZA MP Dimitris Stratoulis. In his article in the “Journal of Journalists”, Stratoulis propose to the government to “examine and promote the alternative solution”, since he says that “many in SYRIZA have not tired of constantly putting this forward to the collective bodies”.

Stratoulis emphasizes the unity of SYRIZA “is guaranteed, because it is a democratic party that functions with respect to the expression of different views within it”.

“The government, the prime minister and the unity of the SYRIZA is supported first of all by those who believe that they should extricate from memorandum policies and to look for other ways consistent with the program, principles, values ​​of SYRIZA, but also the popular will, as was expressed in the elections on 25/1 and the referendum of 5/7”, Stratoulis says and adds, “those in SYRIZA who think they protect the prime minister, the government and the unity of our party are paving the way for the implementation of the memoranda and are making a serious political mistake”. “The claim that the people will support the government even if it applies memoranda, to prevent the ND and PASOK from returning, will be short lived”.

The former minister propose to the government to “examine and promote the alternative”, which he describes as “an orderly course, well prepared under a comprehensive alternative plan, which would include not only the national currency, but also challenging and deleting most of the public debt, the nationalisation of banks, taxation high profits and great wealth, control of systemic media, energy pluralism, multilateral international relations, economic agreements within and outside the EU, the finance of the development plan for the productive reconstruction of the country, and mainly the termination of austerity and the restoration of the looted by the memoranda labour and social rights”.

Stratoulis recognises that with the implementation of this solution “of course there will be difficulties”, but he says that “there are many studies that confirm that after a few months there will be a boost of exports, reduction of imports, increase in the primary sector production, the tourism will skyrocket and the necessary liquidity will be channeled into the economy to make large public and private investment and enhance growth and employment”.

Commenting on the criticisms these positions, the SYRIZA MP speaks of “slandering effort or even the criminalisation by the memorandum forces against members or trends in SYRIZA, who seek solutions outside the Eurozone or other alternative solutions in the memoranda” that “reminiscent of a witch hunt and an attempt of criminal delimitation of what is allowed to be discussed in our country”.

“This is what the SYRIZA government must first and foremost condemn, that if today they tolerate such post civil war tactics from the status quo and the SMEs ‘guard dogs” against their comrades, tomorrow will be their turn and that of the prime minister, whom after having humiliated. leave him to ‘eat’ last, Stratoulis concludes in his article.