#Still_Standing: Tsipras presents 26-billion-euro measures to shield the economy and society

#Still_Standing: Tsipras presents 26-billion-euro measures to shield the economy and society

A message to Germany and the leaders supporting the Eurobond in view of the Eurogroup

Alexis Tsipras and his party’s competent heads of divisions presented the package of measures proposed by SYRIZA for the support of public health, the economy and the labor force. The cost of the front-loaded measures the main opposition is calling on the government to implement is close to 26 billion euros, approaching the average expenditure of other European countries that have announced interventions ranging from 12% to 20% of their GDP.

As the president of SYRIZA stressed, “the major challenge nation-wise in the future will be not to allow the recent sacrifices of the people to be lost. This battle can be won provided that the necessary moves are made from now on”. He emphasized that he was tabling this program not as a way to practice opposition to the government, but “because we believe that the government should realize it”. Furthermore, he estimated that the battle for the recovery of life, society, workers, the economy can be won as long as there is no negligence and inadequacies, “using right from the start all the means at our disposal”.

The #Still_Standing project included, among other things, measures to support the NHS with permanent recruitment and protective equipment; providing liquidity to businesses; protecting primary residencies and banning auctions until the end of 2020; full pay in terms of wages, social contributions and Easter bonuses for private sector workers and subsidy to freelancers; suspension of tax liabilities; freezing of loan debts.

As the main opposition notes, Greece currently has the privilege of stockpiling the so-called 35-billion-euro safety cushion secured by the Tsipras government, which means that there is room for immediate intervention that will not burden foreign borrowing; that is, it will not inflate the country’s debt. In terms of funding, the use of ANFAs and SNPs returns as well as the SURE program is also included in the plan.

Alexis Tsipras stressed that in cases of emergency, those who put the temporary party interests before the ones of the country and its people, “will pay double and triple the price”, making it clear that “it is all about the country not having to pay for it”. He described it as “unthinkable” to discuss political benefits and costs or early-election and rescue-government scenarios during these moments, while “we are counting deaths”.

A compromise solution for European unity and solidarity

Commenting on the issue of Eurobonds and the proposal he submitted via an article in Le Monde and with his intervention on Friday, he spoke of a “compromise proposal” that promotes the idea of unity and solidarity in Europe. A proposal that aims at “overcoming the unthinkable current stagnation through the convergence of the two sides and finding a common ground”. “If Angela Merkel is not able to agree to the need for a Eurobond, other tools can be found”, he said, accusing Germany of causing divisions and a multi-speed Europe through the stance it maintains.

Messages sent out in view of the Eurogroup

In view of tomorrow’s Eurogroup, Tsipras even called on forces “who wish for a Europe united” to go and “not state their opposition just for the record”, but if Germany “insists on the path of division, then they should move forward on the common European path”. He reiterated his call on leaders who support the Eurobond solution to prepare to “implement it with or without Germany”.

The government spokesman spoke of an “unserious” proposal, stressing that the Government is rationally proceeding to implement its comprehensive plan to support the Greek economy. “In order to overcome this crisis safely and responsibly”, accusing SYRIZA of not including the loss of revenue. /ibna