Still no confirmed COVID-19 cases in Montenegro – Government adopts new package of measures

Still no confirmed COVID-19 cases in Montenegro – Government adopts new package of measures

The Montenegrin Ministry of Health, on the proposal of the Institute for Public Health of Montenegro, has adopted a new package of provisional measures with the aim to halt coronavirus from spreading in the country.

Officially, Montenegro has no confirmed cases of coronavirus infections.

The new measures, as it was confirmed during a government press release, were adopted on the basis of the Law on the Protection of the Population against Communicable Diseases; the Decree for the adoption of temporary measures to prevent the transfer of COVID-19 into the country, as well as in the context of the attempt to suppress and prevent the transmission of the novel coronavirus.

The provisional measures include:

1) Prohibition of entry to foreigners, except for foreigners with license for permanent or temporary residence in Montenegro and foreigners who operate motor vehicles used for traffic of goods.

The traffic of goods for the needs of Montenegro and for transit remains smooth, as special health and sanitary inspections are carried out;

2) Compulsory self-isolation for all Montenegrin citizens, as well as for foreigners who reside permanently or temporarily in Montenegro, who have come from abroad, following a report produced on the basis of the health and sanitary inspections;

3) Catering services in hotels are suspended, except for registered guests;

4) Disco clubs/bars and nightclubs/bars will remain closed;

5) Services related to the food chain – cafes, pubs, cafeterias, restaurants and bars, will remain closed, except for deliveries and takeaways, without the customers being allowed to remain inside the stores;

6) Shopping and food-serving services in shopping malls are suspended;

7) Nurseries will remain closed;

8) Fitness centres will remain closed;

9) Casinos, betting shops and gambling houses will remain closed;

10) The number of customers allowed in retail outlets is limited, so that there can only be one customer per ten square meters. Regardless of the shop’s size, no more than 50 consumers will be allowed to shop all at once.

In the exceptional cases of markets and bazaars, the number of customers who can remain within the same space amounts to 100;

11) The competent persons in retailers are obliged to provide for and make sure that a distance of at least two meters is kept between persons located in front of the retail outlets, at cash registers and in areas where goods are served by the retailers’ employees;

12) The competent persons in retailers must ensure that their employees follow the health and protection measures given out by the Institute for Public Health of Montenegro;

13) The competent persons in retailers are required to put out a notification at the entrance of the stores regarding the maximum number of persons allowed in the same space all at once, and to organize the implementation of this measure;

14) Municipalities, the Capital and the Old Royal Capital are called to identify, in cooperation with the municipal crisis staffs, potential facilities to be used as quarantine rooms, in line with the Rulebook on closer conditions and methods for organising and carrying out health inspections and quarantines and on the conditions the quarantines must meet (Official Gazette of Montenegro 13/20), while they are also called to table proposals to the Ministry of Health for further quarantine determination procedures.

The measures shall apply once they are published in the Official Gazette of Montenegro, for a period of 15 days.

“Specific cases, which are the subject of interstate cooperation and require special state interest and particularly for public health purposes, will be examined and decided by the National Coordination Body for Communicable Diseases”, the Government notes in its statement.

Failure to comply with the measures referred to in Article 1 of this Decree shall be subject to criminal liability, in accordance with Art 287 and 302 of the Criminal Code of Montenegro. /ibna