Stelios Petsas: In the first 100 days of the Government the country has “shifted gear”

Stelios Petsas: In the first 100 days of the Government the country has “shifted gear”

A briefing to journalists by government spokesman Stelos Petsas started with an account of the first 100 days of the Mitsotakis administration, which is tommorrow. “A lot has already been done, the government cares about the citizens, the weaker ones, reducing taxes and increasing their income. It cares for all Greeks. The country has changed rapidly: expectations for the economy have improved”.

– the country borrowed at a negative interest rate bills

– borrowed at 1.5% for a 10-year bond

-ENIA decreased 22% on average

– 66,000 widows’ pensions were granted

– 100 million refunds were made

-We have unblocked big investment plans

-we are taking climate change initiatives such as delignification and removal of disposable plastics

– the PPC bomb was switched off

– gaps in schools were covered with the recruitment of teachers

– abolished the asylum of violence and lawlessness

-evacuated buildings that had been occupied for years

– the Prime Minister reconstitutes Greece to the international community through a series of meetings

The next 100 days follow, Mr Petsas said: “Within the next few days the budget for growth and fiscal balance of 2020 will be deposited… No fiscal gap will arise neither for 2019 nor for 2020. EUR 1.2 billion will be provided for family support and further tax cuts. The adoption of the development law is also imminent, and today the anti-smoking bill is being introduced with the tightening of the provisions. A bill for the decongestion of the courts will also be passed, followed by changes to penal codes, while the tax bill will also be filed”.

He made a special reference to the bill on the vote of Greeks abroad with an unequivocal prerequisite for equal voting. He also said that the new insurance bill would come in line with the decisions of the Council of State’s rulings.

He also referred to the Heracles plan for red loans. “One of the elements of the crisis was the red loans. The Heracles plan has been approved by the EU and will go into effect by the end of the year. Its implementation will have multiple benefits for citizens. It will allow banks to open the door to citizens and businesses at no cost to taxpayers. The government cares about the money of Greek taxpayers”, he said.

With regard to the prime minister’s program, he said that Kyriakos Mitsotakis is in Kafirea, in the island of Evia, to inaugurate the Enel Green Power’s 300m-euro investment in renewable energy. Tomorrow he will attend events for the Battle of Salamis.

In response to a question, he said that sanctions against Turkey for its illegal actions in the Cypriot EEZ will be decided at the EU Summit. “The EU should press Turkey to implement the acquis communautaire without abandoning the refugees,” Petsas said.

Regarding the issue of the President of the Republic and if it was discussed at the meetings of the political leaders, he reminded that the Prime Minister said it was too early. The Prime Minister will make his decisions by the end of the year.

On the immigrant/refugees issue, and if they were unprepared, the government said it was a top issue that touched the whole of society. “We insist on speeding up asylum procedures, guarding the border, increasing returns to Turkey, decongesting the islands”. Our plan will bear fruit at the beginning of spring.

He did not comment on the increases banks make in their services to citizens, but noted that “our policy is the policy of enhancing electronic transactions”./ibna