Stavros Theodorakis: The River will vote the agreement with partners

Stavros Theodorakis: The River will vote the agreement with partners

Athens, May 25, 2015/ Independent Balkan News Agency

By Spiros Sideris

“The River will vote without asterisks an agreement of the government with our partners when it comes to a vote in the House”, said Sunday from Kissamo of Chania the leader of The River Stavros Theodorakis. Meanwhile, he strongly denied the speculation for a collaboration of The River with other parties in the occasion of early election. He stressed that for the country’s current situation great responsibility weights the parties that until recently ruled Greece, and argued that the Prime Minister’s debt is to check the various groups and elements in his own party.

Asked to comment on what has been said about a cooperation of The River with other parties if there were early elections, he said: “I understand the anxiety of SYRIZA to place The River in the same category with the other parties and to claim that their opponent is one and the same. But things are not so. The River was created to clash with the old. Any form of the old.

The River is against partisanship, clientelism, cronyism and all that continues today under SYRIZA. We are therefore clear that in the next election we will descend along with all those frustrated by the current policy of SYRIZA, but not in conjunction with other parties”.

He added: “The responsibility of the old system for the situation in the country is enormous. The fact that every day we talk about the responsibilities of SYRIZA and ANEL does not mean that we forget the responsibility of our previous governments. Our mess also has the mark of the previous prime ministers. The River as a new movement in the country does not intended to work with the old.

Be that in the form of SYRIZA-ANEL, or in the form of the previous governments”.

The head of The River, in response to a question on the position of his party if the government brought in the House a draft agreement with the partners, he said:

“We are absolute. Other parties and some politicians may haggle and discuss, but from the very beginning we have said that we will vote for this agreement. If Mr. Tsipras and our partners agree on a text, The River will vote for this agreement without asterisks. And this is the responsible attitude of a party that wants to strengthen the country’s European course”.

Theodorakis, however, appeared skeptical as to whether, following the agreement, the government will be able to promote major changes, which – as he said – the country needs: “Of course, there is this problem. Can this government do the job the day following the agreement? Can it promote the great changes this country neededs? In this we lift our hands up. We believe that this government does not have the ability to pursue a European path. I believe that every day we will have setbacks.

Here’s the great responsibility, then, of pro-Europeans of SYRIZA, to collide with the populists and help the country to a wider front for a European regrouping and development. We at The River are strongly in favour of the European course of the country. To duty of Mr. Tsipras is to place the various groups and the various components of his party under control. And I think that a leader is mostly judged from this. That is what trend can he impose on his party and immediately after that, how effectively will he promote the great changes in society”.