No one can justify or understand such inhuman behaviour, Spokesman Christodoulides says alluding to the enclaved

No one can justify or understand such inhuman behaviour, Spokesman Christodoulides says alluding to the enclaved

No one from the international community can justify or understand such inhuman behaviour, said the Government Spokesman of the Republic of Cyprus, Nicos Christodoulides, referring to the decision of the occupation regime to impose “tariffs” on the humanitarian aid sent from the free areas to the enclaved .

Speaking to reporters at the Presidential Palace, the spokesman said that the President of the Republic had 20 minutes of telephone conversations with European Council President Donald Tusk who, “in addition to the letter he sent on 29 September about his recent actions of the occupation status, informed of developments from then until today and agreed that on Thursday night – during the dinner where EU-Turkey relations will be discussed – the President will inform the Europeans of the developments, but some EU action may also be discussed”.

Kasoulides added that “the focus is on us, by the end of the week, to ensure that whatever help our enclaved received before adopting this unacceptable measure, will actually be received”.

He noted that the second level focuses on overthrowing the measure of the occupation regime for the enclaved, pointing out that “the issue had not closed for the United Nations, but we are also moving on specific areas in the EU to get Turkey to overturn this decision”.

The spokesman stressed that “no one can justify or understand such inhuman behaviour. Everyone understands the need to overturn this decision and we will work in this direction”.

Asked what measures the Government would take to reverse this decision, the spokesman noted that “we are interested in the outcome rather than communicating how we will proceed. We focus on delivering the assistance they receive and overturning the decision. It is possible that the disclosure of thoughts or actions may affect the outcome”.

Invited to comment on statements by the Turkish Deputy Prime Minister on the issue of annexation of Turkish occupied areas, the spokesman said that “in the last week, we have heard statements from Mr Akinji, Mr Ertugruloglu, Mr Cavusoglou, Mr Akdag, which if we compare them, they are not moving in the same direction, and that is a clear indication of why we did not have results in Crans-Montana. This is because there is no clear orientation from the Turkish side in relation to the desired goal”.

He added that “it is important and follows from our debates and meetings of the President of the Republic that the international community, through meetings with both Turkish officials and the Turkish President, sends a clear message that there can be no solutions that will go beyond the framework of what is being discussed in the negotiations, the framework on the basis of UN resolutions and the principles and values ​​of the EU. Some people perceive it as trying with actions like this (with the enclaved) to make their position for different directions be known. What matters is the reaction of the international community, which does not favour this”.

In a another question, the spokesman said that President Anastasiades expressed his readiness for the UN Secretary General and the Permanent Members of the Security Council to continue the dialogue, taking into account all the important achievements over the last two years and with proper preparation, to avoid a negative result. Turkey’s reaction to our readiness is that they do not want to continue, that there are other priorities and that they will deal with the matter after the presidential elections”.

Finally, the spokesman said that “talks can not be held unless they are conducted within the framework of UN-led talks and on the basis of the intended goal”./IBNA