State leaders in Kosovo demand the ratification of the demarcation agreement

State leaders in Kosovo demand the ratification of the demarcation agreement

Pristina, 3 August 2016/ Independent Balkan News Agency

By Elton Tota

A scientific debate has started today in Pristina on the issue of demarcation with Montenegro.

In his opening speech of this meeting which saw the participation of political parties and civil society, speaker of Parliament, Kadri Veseli said that public debates are the best way to overcome political crises.

“This is the best way to talk and agree. We must do this for best interest of everyone and not for our political interests. This is a very good opportunity to compare arguments and send a message that we are a developed democracy”, Veseli declared.

Veseli said that through this debate, Kosovo must show how important the issue of good neighboring relations is to it.

Prime Minister of Kosovo, Isa Mustafa said that so far, it hasn’t been proven that Albanians lose any land with the agreement on demarcation.


“After signing the agreement a year ago, as Prime Minister, I call on everyone to come forward with proof that they have lost property to Montenegro. Ahtisaari’s package makes it obligatory for us to have the 1974 borders”, he said.

Mustafa considered the demarcation of the border with neighboring countries a success.

Thaci: I trust NATO’s maps and not Yugoslav experts

The president of the country, Hashim Thaci said that Kosovo has not lost even a centimeter of its territory. According to him, According to him, the state commission has made the demarcation with Montenegro and not rewritten history.

“The commission has also been consulted with the partners. We have faith on NATO’s maps. The border demarcation has the support of all the countries who have recognized Kosovo’s independence.

Don’t make any mistakes about it, what’s in question today is not only the issue of the border demarcation with Montenegro, but the political maturity”, said the president of the country.

Thaci added that politicians have the obligation to show that they are driven by the common interest when taking decisions. /