US State Department Report on terrorism, chapter on Kosovo

US State Department Report on terrorism, chapter on Kosovo

Pristina, 3 June 2016/Independent Balkan News Agency

By Elton Tota

The US State Department has published the annual report on the spreading of terrorism in the world.

On the chapter concerning Kosovo, the report says that the threat from violent Islamic extremism has gradually grown there since the 1999 conflict, partially encouraged through funding by foreign organizations which preach extremist ideologies.

Around 300 foreign fighters from Kosovo have traveled to Syria and Iraq to fight for ISIS or el-Nusra Front and 50 of them have been killed, according to the report.

“Violent extremist groups have actively used social media to spread propaganda and recruit people. In 2015, there have been no terrorist incidents in Kosovo, although police have arrested people who were suspected of planning such attacks”, the report says.

The report says that in September, government of Kosovo approved a strategy and action plan for the fight against violent extremism. This report says that Kosovo is a member of the Global Coalition for the Fight against ISIS and has taken steps to back different efforts within its capacities.

“Kosovo has mainly focused on stopping foreign terrorist fighters and the funding for terrorist groups. Kosovo has a legal framework which covers all criminal aspects that relate to terrorism.

Kosovo’s Criminal Code preserves the UNO model regarding the criminal law applied against terrorism and penalizes all forms of terrorism, including aiding and abetting, recruitment and training”, the report says.

On 12 March, parliament of Kosovo passed a bill that forbids participation in foreign conflicts. The bill was enacted on April 18.

According to the report, the authorities have had no experience in handling terrorist cases and communication between different intelligence agencies remained a challenge. /