State arrears at 6.67 billion euros

State arrears at 6.67 billion euros

Athens, June 7, 2016/ Independent Balkan News Agency

By Spiros Sideris

State arrears recorded a marginal drop in April, amounting to 6.679 billion euros compared to 6.688 billion euros in March, with small changes in the debts of core sectors of the General Government.

Specifically, the arrears of pension funds decreased by 1 million euros to 2.875 billion euros in April, down from 2.876 billion euros in March.

Of these, the debts of EOPPY dropped by 34 million euros to 1.65 billion euros from 1.68 billion euros in March. The debts of the Organization include claw backs and rebaits that have not yet been offset by equal amounts to private individuals.

The arrears of public hospitals decreased by 25 million euros to 1.121 billion euros from 1.146 billion euros in March.

The arrears of local governments, declined in April by 34 million euros to 326 million euros from 358 million euros in March.

The arrears of state entities decreased by 26 million euros to 519 million euros from 545 million euros in March.

On the contrary, overdue taxes increased by 83 million euros reaching 1.182 billion euros from 1,099 million euros in March.

Larger reductions are expected in the coming months, when the 7.5 billion euro tranche will finally be released, given that these funds and based on the agreement for the review, 1.8 billion euros will be channeled to the repayment of state arrears to private individuals.