Star Trek II: The Search for Spock, and truth

Star Trek II: The Search for Spock, and truth

Sofia, March 3, 2015/ Independent Balkan News Agency

By Clive Leviev-Sawyer of the Sofia Globe

Let the search engines, such as Google, deal with this: There is a search for truth.

Consider, in those words from the film from which Leonard Nimoy is so well-remembered: the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few.

Then, consider that in the context of the region in which we live. Consider the murder of Nemtsov in Moscow. Consider the murders on MH17. Consider the allegations of eavesdropping, emanating in Sofia, in Skopje, in Warsaw.

Consider the indices in those media freedom reports, the ones that reflect – so poorly and so accurately – on what readers in Central and South Eastern Europe are presented with. Consider that the so-called information with which those readers are presented is warped by political and commercial interests, most of all the latter.

Consider that if there is to be, in those countries in the region of Central and South Eastern Europe, including – if you will – the Balkans, an informed electorate making decisions on the basis of independent and objective information presented to them. Then look on these works, reader, and despair.

Consider, in the powerful nexus that emanates from Moscow and which all in Central and South Eastern Europe must consider, by default if nothing else, as part of the narrative. Let us return to the narrative of the murder of Nemtsov, a murder that matters beyond Russian politics because of the signal it sends not only through the region of the former Soviet bloc but also because of the response it calls for throughout that part of Europe that never was under Soviet thrall.

Nemtsov was, it is suggested, slain at the hands of the CIA. He was slain so as to embarrass those in power in Moscow. He was slain, perhaps, by Jihadists because of his Jewish heritage. Seek to unpick this mess of borscht, as best you can; seek to find those morsels that are palatable, if you can. These are the lies that choke, that asphyxiate. These are the potions that killed Litvenenko.

Dwell in the days that we in the independent media have reported, professionally and objectively as we can. Eavesdropping in Sofia, eavesdropping in Skopje. Consider those more reliable of opinion polls, the ones that show a lack of faith among those polled in the institutions, in the political parties, in the political parties, that make their claims and counter-claims. Look on these works, and despair.

Consider Europe, and those words said to have been spoken in the 1930s, about the Big Lie. Consider all that is said, in the Europe of the 21st century, about South Stream and about Russian-backed energy projects. Bulgaria guilty for the cancellation of South Stream? Moscow and Ankara, partners in the glowing future of energy efficiency? Moscow and Budapest, the same?

Consider that in Sofia and in Bucharest, there are politicians and others who are prepared to spread rumours of a coming war, for which there is a secret conscription. There is no single call-up paper to show, not a single rifle to show drawn from armoury and scrubbed of heavy preservative oil to ready it for the clip of ammunition and the conscript’s trigger finger. Yet somehow there is a campaign to place the doubt there, the doubt that if the denial of conscript papers cannot be shown, the murmuring by politicians and on social networks must amount to…something?

We have plunged ourselves, by our willing participation in Facebooks and Twitters, through our Google searches on every conceivable (and conspiratorial) topic into the world of the virtual Othello, the world of suspicion, of doubt, the world that where no proof to the contrary exists, the world of the contrary must. Was not 9/11 a Zionist plot? Was not the financial and economic collapse of highly-indebted Greece a similar plot of sinister speculators in the euro currency? Was not the disappearance of not one but two Malaysian Airlines aircraft somehow a staging, perhaps, for a CIA plot of what? Warmongering against Russia, perhaps?

So we believe nothing, and are prepared to believe everything, or at least read the other point of view. Ask the readers of the British press who decline to believe serious statistics but see only the influx of hordes of Bulgarians and Romanians. Google on 9/11 Truthers. Google on Charlie Hebdo, and cross-reference that with false flag operation. And Google the latter with everything to do with the former Yugoslavia. Add to that the bamboozling comments that the Putin Bots place in mainstream media, on every topic from MH17 to South Stream to the murder of Nemtsov. Just for fun, add “Greece” and “Illuminati”, not forgetting to add in the Bilderberg Group.

Yes, this may not be news, or even analysis. But it is to highlight the stuff of whispers, of dinner-table conversations, of muttered comments at the bus stop, of the shrug of the shoulders in explanation at the inexplicable.

Yes, this is neither news, nor analysis. It is a mere comment, asking you to consider the process by which you believe or disbelieve things, and in either case – to pose the most important question in all of our human history, from the time of the first flame to the time of the most impressive internet phenomenon – why?

Live long, and prosper.