‘St. Valentine’, when love loses its meaning

‘St. Valentine’, when love loses its meaning

By MSc. Nidela Hoxha Zenuni

There are many stories on this feast, which nobody is able to explain with facts as to the meaning that it has. There are many versions, and each version is different to the other. An absurd feast, which has been served to civilization for centuries and which has denigrated into an ordinary commercial feast. But is it really necessary to have a single day in a year for couples to show their love to each other?! In what way? In the most ordinary and ugliest one that can ever exist, through materialistic deceit. An unnecessary fetishism, a brain washing which only benefits businesses in the true sense of the word. It’s ironic how this feast which is meant to be for lovers, becomes the cause of rows and destruction of sentimental relations! Something to laugh and cry about. This is how different categories celebrate this day in our modest country with plenty of problems:

Prepare for your next stressful thing dear:


Men and Women,


Husbands and Wives,








Civilized people

St. Valentine is knocking on your door!

With the advent of a year full of dynamic, the next stressful thing for people and their pockets is St. Valentine. Nobody knows its meaning and nobody cares about its meaning, but one thing is clear, the present must stun their fellow sufferer! Let us go through each category based on the respective features.


1-Men and women do nothing else in this period, but talk about St. Valentine, about presents and holidays, about brands and everything that relates to this feast! A ‘world pandemic’ like ecstasy, which has bewildered all two categories, or three categories, because I almost forgot the LGBT community, because they too, in their interesting form, celebrate like the rest of us. And so, like a group of robots programmed and controlled by a space satellite, we’re led towards this feast and its add-ons, which I must say that they’re extremely expensive!

2-Poor husbands and wives, who wonder how they can stun each other at least once a year. (Perhaps, maybe hoping that the other will bid farewell). Of course, they haven’t noticed all year the person which they’ve shared their bed with , life and perhaps something else. Now, they’re remembering their existence and thus, they they want to shut them up with a present. In a way, they want to redeem the sins of the year, the moments when they have caused sufferings for the other through shouting, curses, indifference and maybe even cheating. They want to redeem all those moments when they have insulted them, (beaten) mistreated and raped or treated them as if they were nobody. This is how St. Valentine came and Catharsis along with it.

May long live St. Valentine, people!

3-Lovers. I’d like to stop a little bit on this one. I believe that this category is the one that is celebrating more and for which the ‘forbidden apple” has more taste. Kudos, an applause! This category has several subcategories, but due to the time, I will be brief. In the morning, after they’ve bought the gift of their husband-wife, they also buy the present for their lover, and at noon, they meet. This is an unprecedented impressive moment! This feast marks without any doutb the zenith of their love, treason and filth. You might be curious to know the difference between the present bought for the wife and that for the lover or the husband and the lover. Of course, the present for the lover is divine compared to the modest, which may even turn into sacrilege for the wife/husband.

Now you may be laughing!

4-‘Teenagers in love’. This is the most ridiculous part of the entire feast, but the most naive too of course. I say naive because their hormonal rampancy is purer than the intrigues and lies of the categories mentioned above, their infantile insanity is unbelievable. Without even knowing the meaning of this feast, they do their crazy stuff and exploit every detail to achieve their goal. I would also call it ‘Hormon’s in love’!

5-Provincials. This is the category that I like the most. Their way of celebrating drives me crazy and fills me with a sense of euphoria. They wait all year long for St. Valentine to come and attend those “vox pop” editions near the Artificial Lake in our beloved Tirana.

Or those artificial flowers that they give, or the modest lunches that they eat, or the modest presents that they buy, the walks at the park, or the tongue-wrestling kisses that they give in public places, such as buses, parks, malls etc.

6-Civilized people. This is supposed to be the most normal category of this mayhem. They celebrate this with a well-thought present, where everyone seems to know the meaning of this day. But, within this category there are also those who have a provincialism phobia and don’t celebrate this feast, because they consider it to be a feast for provincials and given that they consider themselves to be civilized people, they don’t celebrate it. Pathetic!

Without wanting to make this a moralist manifesto, what I really want to say is: why do we celebrate this feast if it brings us nothing positive, on the contrary!

Love everyday, respect everyday and spend less, because you will earn eternity.