Spy stories to forget the fight against corruption?

Spy stories to forget the fight against corruption?

This article has been written for Albanian Free Press newspaper and www.afp.al

By Plator Nesturi

Recently, spy stories have once again emerged on the media. Stories in which politicians from both sides are protagonists. They are used to attack and insult the opponent, accusing him of being involved in issues which go against the national interest. They start with Meçollari as part of the negotiating group with Greece on the issue of the sea border demarcation line, to continue with an article on US media, where the leader of the opposition is accused of being involved in issues concerning the destabilization of the Balkans, where Russia would gain out of it. This was enough for everyone to be focused on stories with agents of spies. It is not yet known how long this wave of accusations will continue.

However, it is not something which cannot happen. History of Albania is full of people who have been sold out to foreigners and who have played the game of other people. Many of them have deserved to be called traitors and for many others, this accusation has served to eliminate them politically and physically. During the period of communism, every ten years we needed traitors and foreign agents, but also “hostile groups”. These stories are still enjoyed when they are read in today’s media. It looks like we’re a society which is happy to enjoy any accusation for treason and every conspiracy theory which damages great leaders and its loyal people.

However, at a time when we believe that we live in different times and when we think that we’re consolidating the rule of law, it is more than normal to think that institutions will investigate the truth and uphold general interest. So, a society cannot be fathomed without institutions, where people’s dignity is left in the hands of the crowd to be bitten by everyone. Done in this form, it’s like throwing a bone to a hungry crowd which needs more than a scapegoat to make them forget their daily problems.

While we deal with spy stories, we forget that common people expect to see more from the reform in justice, fight against corruption, abuse with power and the ties that exist between crime and politics. This is what Albanians have been promised for more than two years and they were even told that “big fishes” would fall in the “net” of the justice system. Instead, today we’re dealing with spy stories. Not that they are not important, but it looks like they are being offered to people in order to forget the fight against corruption and the concrete results which need to be produced in it. What’s interesting is the fact that the opposition has also become part of all this. Wasting its energies for weeks in a row on issues such as Meçollari, by ignoring more important problems such as the corruption of high officials, ties of the underworld with people in power, abuse with properties and the rights of citizens, is an extra argument which shows that the opposition is part of the abusive system. As such, it does not have the force, the morale and even less, the desire to undo this scheme of abuse, where it has been and has been part of way, we will continue to hear spy stories. Later, we will hear some other stories where the opposition and majority clash, but without causing collateral damages for the biggest players, who are responsible for what happens in the country. Time has come to test the new institutions which have been set up in the name of the justice reform. If the political class continues to be the same in terms of the abuse with power, then the new law enforcement institutions remain the only hope for us.

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