UN Special Adviser: A strong message of hope a united federal Cyprus can emerge

UN Special Adviser: A strong message of hope a united federal Cyprus can emerge

Following the Conference on Cyprus in Geneva Espen Barth Eide, Special Adviser to the United Nations Secretary-General on Cyprus stated that the talks conveyed “a strong message of hope that this long-standing dispute can now finally be laid to rest and a united federal Cyprus can emerge and can be embraced in a security arrangement that is mutually acceptable for all sides”.

Eide underlined that there are difficult issues to overcome but did not hesitate to add that there is “a will to overcome them from all the participants and all the people present”

As the UN Adviser on Cyprus clarified this was the first time that the three guarantor powers met with the Secretary-General in this process, “first together to discuss the issues of how to organize their involvement in this conference as it goes along, but also after that in a series of bilateral meetings with all of them”.

During the press conference Eide also cleared up how next weeks agenda, that will take place on Wednesday, will work. As he stated senior civil servants will come together from the same parties to start working on “specific ideas, specific possible options, possible proposals, not to negotiate but to prepare the ground for a structured final discussion between the principals at the very high political level, which will take place later”.  He added that a date has not been set for this, “deliberately”.

Concerning next Wednesday’s meeting Eide used this opportunity to express the opinion that “we must not lose any time” hoping that all interested parties are preparing themselves and using their time “optimally”.

When asked whether Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s comments about Turkey being in Cyprus forever put a shadow over the talks, Eide stated  there are no signs the “process was in any kind of trouble, but of course we take note of this” and added “that larger political developments in the neighbourhood remind us that one should not lose any time.”/ΙΒΝΑ