SP starts the process of decriminalization, DP” It started it by electing a murderer

SP starts the process of decriminalization, DP” It started it by electing a murderer

Tirana, 21 December 2015/Independent Balkan News Agency

By Edison Kurani

A few days after the Albanian parliament unanimously approved a bill on the decriminalization of institutions, the Socialist Party, the largest one within the majority, announced the application of this process within this political force.

Leader of the SP, who is at the same time Prime Minister of the country, Edi Rama, has decided to apply decriminalization within the party, where the election of new structures has started. Rama has warned that those who are affected by the law will not be able to be elected in these structures.

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“No individual who is affected by the criteria of the law in question, can be elected within the structures of the Socialist Party, neither in leading positions nor as delegates in its Congress”.

But the opposition says that the SP started the process of decriminalization, by electing as the head of this party in Shkoder, the largest city in the north, a murderer.

The head of the Department of Order and Security at the DP, Enkeleid Alibeaj, says that in spite of the agreement reached on decriminalization, Edi Rama continues to make a pact with crime, by incriminating all positions which are not covered by the law.

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“Rama has appointed as head of the Socialist Party in Shkoder a known gangster, a murderer, Martin Cubi, who has killed a person when he was the head of the commune of Pult on 27 April 2009”, the former Justice minister denounces. He adds that “this problematic person is known by everyone for his criminal activity and for the social threat that he poses”.

Alibeaj says that “this is the scheme that Edi Rama is applying with all his bandits and traffickers which the process of decriminalization aims at removing from public posts”. “They are finding shelter within Rama’s party, in order to offer their criminal contribution for the upcoming elections”, the democrat official says.

For the opposition, this is a challenge that “Edi Rama is making to decriminalization and to the urgent need to separate from crime”.

But what happened in 2009? Martin (Sokol) Cubi, who was the head of the commune of Pult in Shkoder, was involved in physical clash involving fire arms and knives in the center of the northern city. Dod Hilaj, 49 years of age, born and resident in Kir village, commune of Pult in Shkoder, remained dead during this clash.

Meanwhile, the head of the Pult commune, Martin Cubi, who was suspected for the murder of Dod Hilaj, remained wounded.

The inquest concluded that everything happened in the heat of the moment, between Dod Hilaj and Martin Cubi.

According to the inquiries, the 40 year old Martin Cubi was inside a bar with Hilaj when the brawl started. At a given moment, Hilaj took out a knife and attacked the head of the commune three times. Wounded, Cubi took out his fire arm and opened fire against Hilaj, who remained dead on the spot.

This killing, which shocked the city of Shkoder, forced local police to order the arrest of the head of the commune who was now accused of taking the life of his attempter and who had held this post for 16 years.

“The inquest concluded that Sokol Martin Cubi was wounded by Dod Hilaj with a knife, as a result of a brawl between the author and the victim. This brawl led Hilaj’s death and Cubi’s remaining wounded”, police of Shkoder officially declared.

Police said that the victim was convicted with 12 years imprisonment for murder, while Cubi was seized the fire arm with which he committed the crime, a pistol being held without a permit. For this, he faced the charge of intentional murder.


Cubi reacted after the denouncement of the opposition. He admitted the fact that he has killed, but said that he reacted in self defence by opening fire against the other person with a gun, for which he claims that he had a permit, after he was assaulted. Meanwhile, he says that the he was acquitted by the court.

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For the opposition, the fact that Cubi has killed and is elected as head of the largest party of the majority in Shkoder, is unacceptable. It addresses a question for Mr. Rama: “Why did you choose to represent the honest socialists of Shkoder with a person known to be a problematic person, who has committed a murder, while this person could have been a doctor, an engineer, a lawyer, a professor, a teacher or a person with integrity that this city doesn’t lack?”

On the other hand, the opposition reveals other gruesome facts. “Cubi’s older brother has murdered a sportsman in Shkoder and his younger brother has killed and was killed”.

Meanwhile, the DP says that Cubi was acquitted by paying 80 thousand euros.

But the SP says that it’s convinced that it will undergo a full process of decriminalization. This party defended Cubi: “In the quality of the head of Pult commune, Martin Cubi has not been the aggressor, but the victim of a serious physical attack, during his term in office in 2009. As a result of the aggression, Martin Cubi remained wounded and used a registered fire arm for which he had a permit, to defend himself”, the SP says.

On behalf of the Socialist Party of Albania, its leader, Edi Rama has invited other political parties too to follows SP’s example. “On behalf of the Socialist Party of Albania, we invite the Democratic Party of Albania to take the SP’s example, which will apply the newly approved law in the process of election within the party, for the sake of the integrity of every person who is elected and every employee of the public administration, as the Democratic Party calls the process of decriminalization”.

While the SP and Rama believe that they are preventing criminal elements inside of them, the DP is convinced that the opposite is taking place: “Rama is integrating proper killers within the SP”. /ibna/