South-Korean poet wins Poetry Nights of Struga 2014

South-Korean poet wins Poetry Nights of Struga 2014

Skopje, February 22, 2014/Independent Balkan News Agency

By Naser Pajaziti

South Korean poet, Ko Un has been announced the winner of this year’s edition of the International Festival of Poetry, “Poetry Nights of Struga (PNS) 2014”, a festival which is traditionally held in Skopje every year.

The festival’s committee decided to award the renowned poet with the Golden Crown. Ko Un is considered to be one of the most prominent poets of world poetry.

Ko Un was born in the city of Gunsan, Chola province, on August 1, 1933.

The festival’s committee said that the award is given to this poet for his high artistic achievements, especially for his power of speech, poetic sensitivity, where humanity has been infused in poetic work.

Minister of Culture, Elisabeta Kanceska-Milevska has praised the poet, adding that he’s a poet who through his poetic inspiration unveils the true values of the Korean poetry and Asiatic literature.

Golden Crown of PNS will be delivered to Ko Un in the month of August in Struga, in the 53rd edition of PSN. On the letter sent on the occasion of this award, Ko Un has stressed that “this award will encourage his poetic creativity”.

So far, Ko Un has published 140 books, 50 of which consist of poems. His creativity has been put into a collection a few years ago and has been published in 40 volumes.

Alen Ginzberg has described Ko Un as a grandioso poet, a combination of the Budhist masterfulness, the political enchanted liberal and historical naturalist. Ginzberg says that the poetry of Ko Un is the mirror of the spirit of Korea.

Poetry Nights of Struga is an International Traditional Festival of Poetry which dates back since 1962. This festival has awarded renowned poets from all over the world. /ibna/