Soreca: Constitutional Court a requirement for first intergov’tal conference with EU

Soreca: Constitutional Court a requirement for first intergov’tal conference with EU

EU Ambassador Luigi Soreca said in a televised interview that the Constitutional Court was a prerequisite for the first intergovernmental conference with the EU.

“Albania is very close to meeting all conditions. I believe that the most important thing that needs to be checked off the list as an emergency is to fill the seats in the Constitutional Court”, said Ambassador Soreca.

“Having two candidates before the end of the year is a prerequisite for holding the first intergovernmental conference. All Member States and the embassy are waiting for this to happen, so it is clear that it is necessary, urgent to work with the Judicial Appointments Council and all other authorities to do our best to catch the train; the Intergovernmental Conference”, Soreca said.

The Ambassador stressed that “there is still a possibility that, if the conditions regarding the Constitutional Court are met, the Member States could appreciate the efforts made by Albania and the efforts they have acknowledged so far in many different areas, and so Albania could be given the opportunity to invite Germany to host the Conference”.

Referring to the Electoral Reform, Soreca stressed that the European Commission’s condition for the elections is met by the June 5 agreement and the return of the amendments to the electoral law.

“This agreement (of 5 June), which was later amended on 23 July, actually met the conditions identified and confirmed by the Council conclusions. This is because it was the OSCE/ODIHR recommendations for the electoral administration, the electoral process. They had to be relevant to the electoral administration, and that has already been achieved and implemented via the June 5 agreement”, Soreca said.

“The next step, which referrs to the decision of the majority to move towards the issues of the electoral system, has nothing to do with the decision taken on June 5 and you know very well our position on that. We have expressed our regret many times and in fact I expressed the same regret when I said that we would like for this to happen with the same compromising and positive spirit on behalf of the Political Council. However, after those statements, the issue has been resolved and what should follow now is the implementation of the electoral reform of June 5”, the Ambassador stressed.

Focusing on justice reform, Soreca said it was more than necessary, adding that the real priority was to establish institutions such as the Constitutional Court and the Supreme Court. /ibna