Sofia becomes home to new Bulgarian-Turkish aid depot

Sofia becomes home to new Bulgarian-Turkish aid depot

Bulgaria’s Red Cross and Turkey’s Red Crescent, have set an emergency material depot near the Bulgarian capital Sofia.

The joint project was established in Bulgaria, as the target are Balkan states that might be in need of help after a disaster.

“The project began in a comprehensive collaboration between the two aid agencies in 2016, aiming to provide early response and transport humanitarian aid to the entire Balkan region in case of accident or natural disaster”, Anadolu agency reads.

Kerem Kinik, is the head of the Turkish Red Crescent. On Monday he visited Bulgaria, bringing “six truckloads of materials to the depot established in the village of Lozen near Sofia” with him.

Kinik has told Anadolu “Disasters do not recognize any religion, language, or race, and have no limits. Our collaboration in this region is not only to create a positive effect in Bulgaria but across the entire Balkans.”

His Bulgarian ‘counterpart’ and head of the country’s Red Cross, Hristo Grigorov said that he and Kinik wish  “to lend a helping hand to the entire region (…) Our productive collaboration is key to a more happy future.”…/IBNA