Social Democrats in Romania and the "traditional family" rally

Social Democrats in Romania and the "traditional family" rally
It is possible that Romania's Social Democrats will organise a demonstration in May, in support of the "traditional family".

"We decided to organize a big PSD rally in support of the traditional family, so there is no ambiguity about PSD's approach to this issue", was what the party's leader, Liviu Dragnea said on Monday, after the party's National Executive Committee meeting, local media report.

The "traditional family" concerns law changes the ruling party wants to make constitutionally wise, where it will be explicitly explained that the term "family" will refer to the union between a man and a woman only. "The measure would thus make same-sex marriages impossible in Romania", reports and adds that right now, "the Romanian Constitution defines the family as the free-willed marriage 'between spouses'."

Amending the article on family in the Romanian Constitution is a top priority for the PSD and one of the legislative changes along with the local criminal codes and the new national security law.... / IBNA

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