SNSD lose important position – withdraw from Parliamentary committees

SNSD lose important position – withdraw from Parliamentary committees

Alliance of Independent Social Democrats (SNSD) suffered a major defeat a few days ago when their member, MP in state Parliament Nikola Spiric, was released from the position of Chairman of the Committee for Supervision of the BiH Intelligence-Security Agency (OBA).

On the press conference on Friday, Spiric announced that all members of commissions and committees in BiH Parliament will resign as a sign of protest. That kind of support already came from Spiric party colleague, Sredoje Novic, who was a member of the same Committee. The position of Chairman in this Committee is important since that person best informed about work on specific criminal cases in the state, including investigations against high officials.

Officially, Spiric biggest sin was that, in contacts with management of the BiH Intelligence Security Agency, submitted false conclusions of the Committee. Several members of this body confirmed that they never discussed the issues that Spiric submitted as already agreed. Unofficially, Spiric in several cases informed SNSD officials about possible investigations against them. Also, Spiric’s son is an employee of the Agency and this for many MPs in state Parliament is not acceptable.

On the press conference, Spiric criticized the work of Agency, saying that the management never submitted reports to highest RS officials although that is their obligation. He added that OBA is under influence of Party of Democratic Action (SDA), and its leader Bakir Izetbegovic.

“I warned several times in the past that it is not good for an intelligence agency to be a megaphone of one political party. Well-informed sources confirmed to me that there are forces inside the Agency which have the task to turn the OBA into AID 2, to be a Bosniak, Muslim service, said Spiric and added that SNSD will demand the discussion about OBA in RS National Assembly.

Sredoje Novic explained his resignation from the Committee in a letter, saying that one of the reasons is the inability of the Committee to contribute significantly to the improvement of work and solving the problems that have arisen in the OBA, especially the management conflicts.

Among other reasons is, for example, that OBA was avoiding the Committee and forwarded specific “operational information” to the Peace Implementation Council and the OHR on issues that jeopardize BiH security, which indicates who truly has control over the work of the OBA. Another reason for his resignation was “a strong party influence on the work of the Committee and the influence of individuals from the top of some parties on the OBA management”.

SNSD leader and RS President, Milorad Dodik, said that Spiric’s dismissal from the office of chairman shows that this Agency has apostatized and is beyond civil and parliamentary control.

“We will not participate in the Committee anymore. The agency cannot avoid the fact that it is politically motivated”, Dodik said commenting Spiric dismissal.

He emphasized that OBA is hostile towards RS and that it is undertaking activities and measures which are hostile towards it. Dodik also said that RS will not support the Agency which is using funds from the BiH budget to work against RS.

“In accordance with Article 6, OBA is obliged to cooperate with the highest officials in entities, but there is no evidence that they ever contacted or informed anyone in RS of anything”, Dodik stressed.

Spiric will be replaced by Borislav Bojic, MP in BiH Parliament and member of Serb Democratic Party, which is SNSD opposition at entity level. The majority of MPs voted in favour of Spiric’s dismissal, while against it were SNSD, Croatian Democratic Alliance and Alliance for Better Future of BiH (SBB BiH). It is interesting that SBB BiH, after the dismissal became official, tried to showcase their member as Spiric’s replacement./IBNA