SMI withdraws its support from an international inquiry on “CEZ affair”

SMI withdraws its support from an international inquiry on “CEZ affair”

Tirana, 24 November 2015/Independent Balkan News Agency

Socialist Movement for Integration Party MPs have not backed the incentive of the Albanian opposition for the approval in parliament of a new bill which gives way to an international inquiry on what has been known for months as the CEZ affair. There are suspicions that the affair in question involves corruption transactions amounting to 600 million euros.

The parliamentary law committee has rejected today the DP’s request for an international inquiry, as the SMI abstained.

In the parliamentary law committee, the democrat MP, Oerd Bylykbashi said that that there’s no constitutional provision which forbids an international inquiry on this affair.

“The speaker of parliament has been accused. No Albanian investigator will entirely investigate this case, therefore we need foreign investigators. If you reject it, then this is a political decision”, Bylykbashi said.

But left wing MPs said that Albanian authorities are fully competent to investigate this matter. “Albania is an independent country and investigation authorities function”, majority MPs said.


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