Slovenia’s Festival of Beer and Flowers starts in Laško

Slovenia’s Festival of Beer and Flowers starts in Laško


Review by Christos T. Panagopoulos

The northern town of Laško will become the center of interest on Thursday, as the 50th Festival of Beer and Flowers will kick off in it, promising a lot of music, flowers and, of course, beer.

According to the “Slovenia Times”, four Slovenian brass bands will entertain the festival’s visitors as well as 40 singers from all over the country. Several ethnological and cultural events will feature exhibitions displayed in the Laško Museum and in the Hiša Generacij Seniors Center.

Matej Oset, a Laško management member, has said that this year’s festival will introduce a few novelties. The main festival area has been moved to the outskirts of Laško, since the old location in the town centre proved too small to host big musical events.

This year’s beer prices remain the same as last year – EUR 2 for 0.5 litre. Entrance fee will be EUR 10. The visitors who had too much to drink will get a “red card” from the festival and a free train ticket home from the “Slovenske železnice” railway operator.

Source: Slovenia Times