Slovenia’s competitiveness rating among the lowest in Europe

Slovenia’s competitiveness rating among the lowest in Europe


Review Hari Stefanatos

In the newest report of the European Commission on competitiveness, which was presented in Brussels in Thursday, Slovenia is ranked at the bottom of the list of EU-member states.

According to the report, from the examination of the performance of Member States with additional criterion whether or not competitiveness has improved, the countries are classified into four groups.

The report places Slovenia in the fourth group, that of members-states with moderate and stagnant or declining competitiveness, along with Bulgaria, Croatia, Malta and Cyprus.

At the top of the list in the first group, which includes member-states with high and enhanced competitiveness are the Netherlands, Germany, Denmark and Ireland.

The Commission, in the report, points to the advantages of the EU industrial sector and urges the member-states to exploit them better.

At the same time, Commission also warns member states that they must take action to boost investment, improve access to funding, increase the effectiveness of public administration, gain access to foreign markets, encourage innovation and address the issue of high energy prices.

The European Commission will consider the reports for each country in its recommendations on fiscal and structural reforms to member states.

(Source: Sloveniatimes)