Slovenian supermarket chain “TUŠ” confirmed closing shop in BiH

Slovenian supermarket chain “TUŠ” confirmed closing shop in BiH


By Mladen Dragoglovic – Banja Luka

Slovenian supermarket chain “TUŠ” officially confirmed that they are closing all business in Bosnia and Herzegovina, owing to the hard economic situation and natural disasters, which resulted in the reduction of the purchasing power of the population.

In its letter to 92 suppliers, “TUŠ” management sais that all their supermarkets in BiH will be closed.

“This year, “TUŠ” planned to increase business operations in BiH, but the hard economic situation in the country and the reduced purchasing power of the population have further worsened by the natural disasters and unfair willful acts of certain suppliers who didn’t show an understanding for the situation and blocked business. Because of all this reasons, the company was faced with a lot of problems and decided to close all supermarkets”, said “TUŠ” in the letter to suppliers.

This shifting of responsibility infuriated suppliers and one of them, general manager of company “Intercamp” Nedim Kalamujic, send them a open letter saying that this attempt of robbery and fraud will not be successful.

“Natural disasters as excuse for supermarkets closure is just one more in the row of insolence and arrogance. Suppliers delivered goods and you sold it for cash in your shops, but didn’t pay it to suppliers for a year or more. What did you expect? That suppliers will give you goods for another 10 million Euros? I call you to pay the debt immediately”, said Kalamujic in the letter.

A day after the information that “TUŠ” is closing its business in BiH, State Indirect Tax authority (ITA) announced that two sister enterprises of this company are under investigation on suspicion that they have made several transactions between linked companies and that they illegally demanded return of WAT. ITA confirmed that “TUŠ BiH” and “TUŠ trade” have several millions of debt.

Last week “TUŠ” closed all supermarkets in several BiH cities firing all its employees. It is estimated that between 600 and 700 workers are now jobless and the business will be sold to some of the local companies. Suppliers called all relevant institutions to react and prevent a fraud worth about 10 million Euros.