Slovenian savings rate the fifth highest in the EU

Slovenian savings rate the fifth highest in the EU

Yes, indeed. Slovenians are a nation that likes to save money and, actually, they are pretty good at it, as the latest statistics show.

The relevant statistics, put the country’s “savings rate at 12.8%, the fifth highest in the EU. They are as conservative in ways of saving as they are with spending their money”, report

In total, the local central bank data prove that the Slovenian households own 41.4 billion euros in financial assets with almost 20 billions being in cash or bank deposits, “while a quarter was invested in securities and other forms of equity capital, followed by insurance and pension schemes.

In Slovenia it is very common to own a property so, the real-estate business is doing well.

Experts say that due to past bad experiences, the people avoid high-risk investments. But, according to data from the two largest banks, NLB and NKBM, there is a change “in the habits of their clients recently. Due to low interest rates for deposits, Slovenians are slowly starting to diversify their assets.”

The Slovenian Statistics Office released the current data ahead of World Savings Day which is celebrated annually, on October 31…/IBNA