Slovenian 'NO' to asylum requests by 'Gulenist' families

Slovenian 'NO' to asylum requests by 'Gulenist' families
It took 17 months for the three Turkish families who had fled to Slovenia after the attempted coup of 2016 in Turkey and had made asylum application requests, to find out that Ljubljana had denied it.

According to the daily Dnevnik, "Members of these families belong to the movement of Fethullah Gulen - so they felt that their lives and human rights were endangered in Turkey."

In the months -even years- after the failed coup, several people fled Turkey in order to avoid prosecution connected with their beliefs or support of Gülen and his FETO movement.

Hina agency of Croatia has reported that dozens have chosen Slovenia to apply for asylum. The news agency notes that the denied requests can be appealed, nevertheless, the process takes time and (positive) results are not a usual case..../IBNA 

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