Slovenian forests have sustained serious damage from ice

Slovenian forests have sustained serious damage from ice


Review Hari Stefanatos

According to the director of the Slovenian Forestry Institute, Damjan Oražem, the damage that has been caused to the forests by the recent ice storms are estimated in the region of €194mln. Around 660 hectares of forest will have to be completely cleared and be replaced by new planted trees.

As much as 7 million cubic meters of wood will have to be cut, nearly twice as initially estimated, from around half a million hectares of forests that had been damaged by the ice storms early in February, Oražem stated.

These numbers are likely to go up, since some of the country’s northern areas are still inaccessible and the institute will have to wait for weather to improve, in order to make its final assessment using satellite imaging.

The estimated damage refers to the lost income from the type of wood and the cost for clearing the damaged areas, but the forest also played a social and environmental role which cannot be estimated in money.

The planting of new trees, finally, is expected to cost about 10% of the overall assessment.

(Source sloveniatimes)