Slovenian court considers the appeals on the “Patria” scandal

Slovenian court considers the appeals on the “Patria” scandal


Review Hari Stefanatos

Five-member Board of the Supreme Court of Slovenia began today to consider the appeals brought by the former prime minister, president of the Slovenian Democratic Party (SDS) Janez Janša, and his two co-defendants, at the foot of prison sentences imposed on them for engaging in the bribery scandal “Patria “.

The counsel of Janez Janša, brought last week an exemption request from the President of the Supreme Court, Branko Masleša and Judge Maja Tratnik, but the request was rejected by the college of judges of the Supreme Court.

The Janez Janša, leader of the opposition Slovenian Democratic Party, was found guilty of accepting a bribe promise in 2006, when he was Prime Minister during the signing of the agreement with the Finnish defense industry Patria.

The former prime minister is serving a two-year term from June 20, when the Supreme Court of Ljubljana upheld the conviction and sentence handed down against two of his co-defendants, issued by a court in the Slovenian capital, in June 2013.

Retired Brigadier Tone Krkovič and Ivan Crnkovic, director of cooperating with Slovenian company Patria Rotis, were sentenced to 22 months imprisonment.

Tone Krkovič has already served a prison sentence and Ivan Crnkovic is expected to come on October 4 because of a postponement.

The appeals of all three, based on arguments that his lawyers did not reveal, will be considered together.